Can Humans Digest Meat?


A common myth told by PETA and is ignorantly repeated today is the claim that humans are unable to digest meat and it therefore putrefies in the colon, causing disease.  I believe I may have a special insight on this one based on my unique experiences.  We have probably all read the science of human digestion and understand why this statement is erroneous.  But I would like to cover this one as living proof, not only that humans digest meat, but we digest it better than any other whole food we eat.

After I lost my intestines, I was left with only about ten inches of small bowel which was formed into a jejunostomy stoma as seen in the image.  What you see in that graphic is all of the small intestine I had left.  So in essence, I was able to see what passed directly out of the human stomach.  It really doesn’t matter even if some doctor backs this erroneous claim, because doctors never deal with ostomies.  Emptying of the ostomy bag is a job that even nurses do not perform regularly, but is the job of a “Tech” in a hospital.  For those who don’t know, the Tech is person who goes room to room checking and recording blood pressure, temperature and blood sugar.

Aside from checking and recording vitals, the Tech must empty the ostomy bags of intestinal patients.  They really don’t check the contents, just the overall volume of output.  The output must be matched with the infused fluids to prevent dehydration.  Of course, the Techs are terrible at this job and often spill the contents on the patient.  Stomach acid burns like hell when it sits on your skin for more than a minute or two (strongly suggesting that it has the ability to break down protein).  So more often than not, family members take over the job of ostomy care and recording.  In my case, my beloved wife took on the dirty chore.  For those that are curious; no, a jejunum or ileum output doesn’t smell like feces (that is a colonostomy), because the jejunum and ileum are before the colon, which houses the bacteria that create the offensive gasses.  A jejunostomy or ileostomy output have the smell of vomit, because in reality that’s what it is.

Because I had such an extremely short bowel, my output was very high because no water absorption had taken place.  I was fed and hydrated by infusion and could literally live without eating or drinking at all.   Because of my excessive output, we had to make a rig that had a hose extending from the ostomy bag that drained into a one gallon jug.  Often the hose would get clogged and my wife or sister would have to use a coat hanger wire to unplug it.  Now if this vegan pseudoscience is right, we would suspect that the hose was being plugged by pieces of meat.

Never once did we see any solid chunks of meat.  I became so curious about this that I once swallowed the largest chunk of meat I could possibly get down without choking.  Because of the shortness of my bowel, it only took about twenty minutes for my stomach to empty into the ostomy.  Better than two hours later, there were no signs of any meat chunks.  What was always clogging the ostomy tube were pieces of vegetables that were not fully chewed.

Entire pieces of olive, lettuce, broccoli florets, grains and seeds were found.  Yet, large pieces of fat were never witnessed.   As a matter of fact, all the fat from the meat was already emulsified by the bile into solution within the duodenum.  Over time, fat would coagulate on the side walls of the ostomy bag, but never were there any solid pieces observed.  Certainly we are getting a lot more nutrition from our meat than from our vegetables – unless you can chew your cud several times like a ruminant.

No mammal on earth have enzymes that can break down the cellulose from plant cells.  Cellulose membranes can only be ruptured through the mechanics of repetitive grinding and the fermentation of bacteria.  Human molars are not flat enough to grind plants very effectively and we don’t have the bacteria necessary for fermentation within our stomachs.  Who here has never observed whole corn kernels or nuts in their poop?  I raise cattle and even in spite of their large flat molars, the ability to chew their food multiple times, and a host of protozoa in their stomachs, I have seen whole corn kernels in their manure.  So, how much can a human really get out of whole grains with ridged molars and a nearly sterile stomach?

Humans have bacterial colonies only within the large intestines, but there is little nutrient absorption within the human colon.  Long before meat reaches the colon it has been completely broken down and absorbed.  All of the enzymes for breaking down meat protein and fat – pepsin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, lipase and bile are all manufactured by our stomach, liver and pancreas.  Most of these enzymes are secreted into the duodenum (the first section of small bowel directly after the stomach).  In other words, we have no need for any ingested bacteria or enzymes for meat digestion, but we need plenty of outside help for plant digestion.  If this cocktail of gastric juices ever hits your skin, you will know damn well how effectively they begin to break down protein – trust me on that one!    The fact that the human digestive system maunufactures every enzyme needed to reduce animal flesh to solution would strongly suggest that we have evolved as an omnivore with a much stronger lean towards meat consumption.

We also have to consider that the doctors were infusing PPIs (Proton Pump inhibitors) mixed in with my TPN in order to suppress my appetite.  This is important, because I was completely reducing animal fat and protein to solution with my stomach acid production severely crippled.  Lowered acidity also reduces enzyme activity within the stomach.  Imagine how much more efficient my stomach is at digesting meat now that I am no longer receiving PPIs.  So I am not sure on what science the vegans bases their claim that humans can’t digest meat.  As is typical with most vegan propaganda, it’s based on no science at all and was something they literally “pulled out of their ass”.   Why people continue to repeat this nonsense without checking its validity is a mystery to me.

There is a condition that late-stage diabetics can suffer called, “Gastroparesis”, where the nerves to their stomach become damaged.  As a result, all of the food consumed (not just meat, but everything they eat), does not digest and begins to ferment and putrefy.  A man who I met at Jackson Memorial Hospital, who was there to receive a pancreas and liver transplant, and was also a diabetic began to suffer this illness.  As a result, he required that a stomach tube be inserted to into his duodenum to infuse a predigested paste for the remainder of his life.  Unfortunately, his liver was perforated during the procedure and he ultimately died as a result.

Perhaps some vegan diabetic mistook this symptom of the advanced stages of their disease as proof that the human could not digest meat and that it would putrefy in their intestines, but somehow I doubt that.  It would appear to be just more desperate pseudoscience someone at PETA simply pulled out of their ass because they understand that those that want to believe in veganism will accept anything PETA says without further investigation.

It’s quite sad, because vegetarians and vegans can have some valid points about human health (certainly a vegetarian diet is a healthier option than the standard american diet (SAD) of processed crap and junk food), but when they toss out some completely falsifiable and totally fabricated nonsense, like the myth that humans cannot digest meat, no rational thinking person can take them serious and they destroy any credibility they may have had for any of their arguments.  PETA does more of a disservice to the vegetarian and vegan agenda, yet vegetarians continue to support them.

This is why I like PETA.  As long as they’re the voice for the vegetarian movement, it will never be taken seriously or proliferate.  Sometimes I wonder if PETA is not actually funded by the meat industry to sabotage the vegan agenda through the exploitation of women in advertising, funding of eco-terrorism and manufacturing of complete and total pseudoscience.  No special interest group would ruin their own credibility in that manner.

(If you want to read more scientific facts about how the human alimentary tract digests meat, J.Stanton has published a detailed breakdown in his post “Does Meat Rot In Your Colon”.   Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, PhD wrote an excellent description entitled “The Long Hollow Tube”.)

There are several other erroneous claims that I can expose, based upon my medical experiences.   I have these subjects in these other rants:

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Now, every time I hear a vegan proclaim that humans can’t digest meat because our stomach acid is too weak, I’ll wish I had some of my gastric juices to pour on them and see how long their epidermal protein can resist being digested.

PETA propaganda will never affect me, because I have seen what actually empties from the human stomach.  Here are some other posts I have written concerning more falsifiable and ridiculous pseudoscience created by the likes of PETA:

“Can We Feed The World”

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101 Responses to Can Humans Digest Meat?
  1. majkinetor
    October 30, 2011 | 3:58 am

    Amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

    Nobody can really argue your observations.

    • Wolverine
      November 26, 2011 | 9:47 pm

      Thanks Majkinetor. Some person posting under the name Sssss provided a brilliant argument just a few comments below this. I had hoped they would at least provide us with some funny pseudoscience.

      Thanks again

      • shar
        June 2, 2012 | 2:24 am

        What is your blood type? Curious.

        • Wolverine
          June 2, 2012 | 9:52 am

          My blood type is A-.

          • Caza
            September 3, 2017 | 2:30 pm

            I am A+ too ! I had an ileostomy and I can attest that meat goes to liquid and many vegetables and salad leaves end up undigested. My rectal pouch (lost rectum due to cancer) does not enjoy salad leaves or too much fibre as it blocks the thing up. Have to take meds to keep it all moving at least 2x per day. Im doing low carb, adequate fat and adequate protein diet. If i stick to very low carbs – 25-30g per day I get no gas from the fermenting veg/fruit/beans/pulses.

    • Dr Holly
      June 3, 2014 | 2:49 pm

      I think you have a few things confused. The Stomach with the hydrochloric acid – breaks down protein – it doesn’t break down the carbs and fats – the bile that is released into the small intestine breaks down fats. Enzymes released from the small intestine and pancreas breakdown the carbs.
      What you saw is exactly what you should have seen.

      • Wolverine
        June 5, 2014 | 10:29 am

        Hi Dr. Holly and thanks for writing. I do like when people point out any errors in my information, but unfortunately for you, there are no such errors in this article. You seem to be the one confused — or just a troll.

        What planet are you on? Absolutely nothing you claim is written in this article. You act like you are informing me that the hydrochloric acid in the stomach digests protein when my article clearly says, “Stomach acid burns like hell when it sits on your skin for more than a minute or two (strongly suggesting that it has the ability to break down protein)” and “If this cocktail of gastric juices ever hits your skin, you will know damn well how effectively they begin to break down protein – trust me on that one!”. How in the hell did you miss that?

        Then you claim I wrote something about stomach acid digesting carbohydrates and lipids, when no such thing even resembling that is written in the article. And your claim that the carbohydrates only begin to break down by the pancreatic and biliary secretions is totally false. Yes, enzymes called amylase are secreted by the pancreas to break-down disaccharides and polysaccharides into monosaccharides, but you forget that human saliva also contains amylase (as well as protease). So the digestion of starches and sugars begins before it even reaches the esophagus. Hell, it doesn’t even have to enter the human body — I can spit on a piece of bread and it will begin to digest on the plate.

        I am really not sure of your purpose, other than you being a troll. You act like you are informing me that there are other enzymes which break down carbs and lipids when I clearly wrote in the article “All of the enzymes for breaking down meat protein and fat – pepsin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, lipase and bile are all manufactured by our stomach, liver and pancreas. Most of these enzymes are secreted into the duodenum (the first section of small bowel directly after the stomach).” and I even provided hotlinks on each enzyme so people could read more about them, which is a hell of a lot more than your friends at PETA do. If you’re not a PETA troll, then I advise you to read this garbage published by them and tell me whose confused about digestion (of course with the way you read and interpret, who knows what you’ll come away with):

        What a bunch of pseudoscoence and wishful thinking, but you do notice that unlike me, they provide no hotlinks to their sources and there’s a good reason — none exist. They would never find any peer-reviewed study, not laughed out of the scientific community, that would support that entire article of completely false information. Humans digestion has no resemblance to ruminant mammals.

        The biggest flaw in your argument to discredit me was the claim that I suggested that the output from my stoma was somehow “abnormal”. You wrote “What you saw is exactly what you should have seen”. WTF, I never claimed it wasn’t, because that would be counter-productive to my case in the article.

        The entire point, which somehow blew past you, and only you, was that I had an opportunity to observe what comes out of every human’s stomach, meaning that what I saw was normal and what comes from my stomach, your stomach and every human on this earth’s stomach. I never claimed to have an alien stomach. Where in the world did you get the idea that I said the output was abnormal? Do you suffer Alzheimer’s?

        The purpose of this article is because there is a well known myth, started by vegans, which they now deny when they come here to start trouble (because they’re now embarrassed by their own ridiculous claim) is that humans have a difficult time digesting meat, therefore it rots and putrefies in the stomach creating disease, like colon cancer — This article refutes that myth.

        I never found one little piece of meat in the ostomy output, but always found bits of vegetables, proving that humans are well suited to digest meat and that we digest meat faster and easier than we do our vegetables. Hell, every child knows that beans and broccoli will give you massive farts for crying out loud and that they can spot whole peanuts and corn kernels in their stool from time to time. That’s because they are very difficult to digest, whereas meat is far more easily digested.

        The real doctors, you know the ones that do really miraculous shit like transplanting organs, not just pushing statin drugs all day because they lowered the cholesterol standard below natural human levels (that is like inventing a temperature lowering pill and then changing the standard on all thermometers to now say that the average human temperature is 97.6 degree F — suddenly, the whole world has a fever and you get rich selling all those pills), but you know who I’m talking about, the kind of doctors who saved my life, rather than the quacks that cost me my intestines to make a quick buck on an ill-advised colonoscopy — well those real good, life-saving type doctors used to come to us patient and ask questions every day for months. You know why they did this? They said they learn more from the patient than they did from any books, because we, the patient are actually surviving it day to day (the ones that do survive) and intestinal transplant are so rare, the chief surgeon told me “There is no book — you are the book” and here you are telling me I don’t know shit about digestion.

        My life depends on knowing everything about the digestive system and not every patient took that responsibility serious as I, but just like most lazy patients, felt that it was the doctors responsibility to know all the important stuff. The head surgeon told me he had no idea what foods I could eat or not, what are the symptoms of organ rejection, and many other important questions. He said there are just not enough living intestinal transplant recipients to have acquired that data yet.

        Well, out of 7 patients accepted into the intestinal transplant program at Jackson memorial for 2010, only myself and one other patient are still alive, and sadly she is in chronic organ rejection at this time — the last one just passed away last October (and it’s been tough, because we all became close friends during our months of recovery together). It’s not luck that’s kept me alive, it’s because I do my homework. I have to study far more than you do. If one of your patients die, you just bag them, bury them and bill the family. If I make a mistake, I die.

        I don’t know why I even bother, because you’re obviously some vegan troll. I really don’t need to reply, because you guys screw yourselves with your ridiculous arguments, but I couldn’t resist this one, because it was so original. You just made up a bunch of shit that was not even in the article, hoping the rest of the world had your short memory (False Consensus Effect) and not remember what I wrote by the time they get to your comment. That was a new tactic and I just had to vent on this one – just how low you guys will go.

        If you’re a doctor, it’s got to be one of those naturopathic doctors or some other mail order crap, not an actual M.D.. Although in my 14 months in hospitals, I did hear some pretty erroneous science come out of the mouths of doctors, so even an M.D. will get you no extra credit here. I had every doctor in three different hospitals tell me that an intestinal transplant was not possible, experimental and not survivable. I guess I am living proof of the fact that even if a hundred doctors say it, does not mean it’s a fact. I am four and half years out from my transplant and doing fine, thank you — and I eat plenty of red meat.

        • Bob Johnston
          June 5, 2014 | 10:48 am

          I love it when people post stupid crap in response to something I’ve written – not only do I get to show the errors of their ways in great detail, I also get to make them look 2″ tall. I think I’ve found a kindred spirit.

          (In Doc Holly’s case I would have pointed out the capitalization of stomach as an indicator also…) 🙂

          • Wolverine
            June 5, 2014 | 4:09 pm

            Hey Bob, I think we are certainly cut from the same cloth for sure. When I first read the snotty-ass opening sentence “I think you have a few things confused” and noticed the capitalization of “stomach” and the totally bogus science, I nearly hit the “spam” button, but then I caught the ending of her act. Some completely fabricated crap which I have no idea where she read, because it certainly was not in the article. Luckily, I stopped and hit the “approve” button instead. This was far too rich to be missed.

            It was so self-destructive that I should have left it without a reply, but I just felt like really venting on this one for the total lack of respect — and you’re right, it felt good. I figure even people who disagree with me can write with some respect, just for the fact of the pure hell I have had to survive through.

            I have no idea what was going on with the Doc. Might be pinching a few too many Vicodin off the top of her patient’s scripts or maybe reading the article while the television was playing in the background and her mind somehow melded the two subjects together, because that comment came from somewhere on Jupiter.

            I had another good comment on this same article about a week ago, which was so funny it wouldn’t have needed any reply. Unfortunately, I had to block the clown, because he began spamming the comments box. In his first comment, he said that the vegetables were still in whole form through my stomach because I didn’t chew my food good enough. Every time I think I’ve heard the stupidest thing ever, someone comes along and lowers the bar some more.

            If that were the case, then how was I chewing the meat up better than the vegetables? I chew both foods with the same teeth. Then his following comments where noting but “f___ you, f___ you” over and over again and he sent one every ten seconds. Unfortunately, you cannot block someone’s IP and still leave their original comment approved (not that I know of).

            I love the way they spam your box claiming that you’re censoring them because you’re afraid of their message, only they’re too stupid to know that if they would quit spamming, I would never censor they’re message, because they are usually their own worst enemy and I would love nothing more than to approve their comment.

            I’m glad you enjoyed the rant. Thanks for writing and giving me support. I never know if my readers like when I tear into trolls like these or not. It’s good to know there are other people like me out there, we’re kind of a rare breed or the other’s, who share our kindred spirit, are less outspoken about it. I just know I’ve been through too much crap to just grin and bear it this type disrespect anymore.

        • Kyle
          May 6, 2015 | 1:54 am

          While I’m a big fan of your site and have used it as a valuable reference many times over the years, I feel like this comment was a little out of line.

          Dr. Holly did not come off to me as aggressive or as a troll at all. She seemed to be suggesting that the reason you saw what you saw come out of your stomach was that the stomach’s only role is to break down animal products; the plant products won’t start being broken down until later in the digestive system.

          She isn’t completely wrong. But she doesn’t seem to be trying to disprove you, just to point out that while what you say proves that meat doesn’t rot in the stomach/intestines, it *does not* prove that you cannot digest plant matter (which, she asserts, not completely erroneously, is broken down by enzymes secreted later in the digestive tract).

          No reason to be so angry here, she was very civil.

          Thanks again for this website, it’s incredibly valuable information.

          • Wolverine
            May 6, 2015 | 6:04 pm

            Hi Kyle, I appreciate you taking tine to comment and for chastizing me on a comment you felt I went too far on. I also thank you for the kind words regarding the website. You may be right and I did lose my temper and unloaded on Dr. Holly (I had to find her comment and my reply through 36 pages of comments to refresh my memory, so it took awhile)

            You’re right, I do not typically respond so harshly, but when a comment begins with an attack on my knowledge, and then bulids a straw man agrument by claiming that I wrote things which are not written in the article, I do tend to lose it. Especially when the comment starts off with how confused I am, when in reality, I am not confused at all and every bit of the science is accurate as to modern scientific knowledge. Not sure how you consider her comment civil when it starts off with such a personal attack then continues to spew pseudoscience.

            The problem both you and Dr Holly have is that your arguments are wrong. Do we need vegetable? Yes, I never claimed we didn’t; we are omnivores. It’s just that the human being does not have the ability to completely digests vegetation (which is unprocessed) the way a ruminant animal does. This is why humans began cooking vetables and later, fermenting them. Fermentation gives you the most nutrition because the bacteris in the crock pre-digest the cellulose for you, just like the rumen within the ruminant does.

            The only way to completely digest vegetation (plant cells made of cellulose) is by mechanical means (other than fermentation), which in this case is chewing, but ruminant animals have a greater advantage there as their molars are flat, they can swing their jaws far further right and left and there jaws are far srtonger than ours.

            The second phase of ruminating is fermentation. The ruminant has multiple stomachs, each one loaded with bacteria and protazoa, which can ferment; break down the cellulose and remove nutrients. More important, the bacteria create a short chain fatty acid called “Butyric acid”, a saturated fat, which the ruminant animal then absorbs. So, in truth, the runinant animal lives mostly on a saturated fat.

            Humans, being an omnivore do need certain nutrition from vegetation, but we are not very effiiciant at removing them from the plant. Humans have riged molars (designed for shredding meat, not quite as riged as a pure carnivore though, but ridge far more than a ruminat or any other hind-gut digester, including chimapanzees, who have flatter ridges than a human molar.

            The human stomach is full of acid, the ruminant stomach has no acid, because it would kill off the bacteria they are dependant on to feed them. Humans chew the vegetation as best we can with the ridge teeth and very limitied side to side jax movement. The inefficiency of the human chewing is why I found tiny bits of vegetable in the ostomy bag.

            The ostomy was after the duodenum, which is why the fat was already emulsified. Whatever unchewed portions make it past the duodenum will not be absorbed or digested any further and will pass completely through. Even children can tell you whole kernals of corn can be seen in their stool. What percentage of vegetation we do happen to chew well will provide us with nutient.

            Many people are confused about the different sections of the GI tract and what they do. It is completely different in a ruminant than a human. Humans are not an herbivore. At least 80 percent of the digestion is done by the stomach and duodenum in a human. Once the chyme enters the jejunum, absorption begins. The jujenum and ileum do a little digestion, but cannot digest and cellulose which is still intact. They are mostly for absorbing nutrients.

            The human colon is the only organ which houses bacteria and is cappable of fermnting some of the undigestable carbohydrates (fiber) and do produce butyric acid, but most of this butyrate is used by the local cells of the colon lining for food, because those cells are not feed via the blood stream. Not mch of the butyrate is ever absorbed into the blood stream, wich is why humans are dependant on dietary fat, whereas the rumninat is fed their fat by the bactria housed in their stomach.

            Unfortunately, the human being has very little absorption from the colon; probably less than 10%. I say unfortunately, because the bacteria in the colon produce vitamin B12, but not much of it is absorbed; not enough to maintain good health, so humans are dependant on dietary B12, whch can only be found in animal foods.

            Chimpanxees, like gorillas, are hind-gut digesters and cannot be compared to humans. Our ancestor began to eat meat and theirs didn’t, so we evolved differently. If you examine the other apes’s GI tract, you would notice the distribution is dramatically different. There cecum is very long, the human cecum is abouut an inch long. The apes have a very long apenndix and will die without it; we all know humans can live well without an appendix.

            Apes have a much large colon and far less small bowels than a human. The ape receives about 75% nutrient absorption from the colon and the human gets less than 10% from our colon. Humans have far more large intestine then apes and do about 80% of our absorpron from the small bowels.

            It is a false claim that the human small intestines, which are there mainly for absorption, contains a host of enzymes which can break down cellulose. In fact, no animal on this earth can digest cellulose. Ruminants first do heavy mechanical damage by having a better set of flat molars for grinding, but then to top that, they have the abikity to regurgitate the vegetation between the movement to each stomach and chew it some more — this is called chewing their cud.

            Humans cannot regurgitate our food to chew several times because of the acidic nature of the contents of the stomach. Rumiants have no acid in ther stomach. Humans have no protozoa in their entire body, not even in the colon, but ruminants are dependent on protozoa.

            If you were to remove the colon from an chimpanzee, it will die. Many humans live without colons. I was left with only 2 feet of colon and I do fine. Humans are not hind gut digesters, so I still stand on my original point. Yes, I may have been out of line calling her a troll, but the way she worded it came accross as a troll. When anyone begins their comment with insults to my intelligence, it would always seem they were looking to pick a fight, and to me that is a troll.

            I appologize if I offended, but it is important to me that i defend what I write, because I have done massive research into the human digestive system, because my life depends on it. Even Dr. Tzakis, who performed my intestinal transplant, feels I understand the human GI tract better than he does.

            I get tons and tons of nasty letters from vegans and that probably makes me a bit gun shy. I do not approve many of them because they contain nothing but insults and profanity and no science whatsoever. I approved Dr. Holly to be publish because she didn’t use the typical vegan ad hominum attack and massive profanity. She did however accuse me of being completely wrong in my science and even misquoted things said in the article which were not there.

            Yes, I felt insulted and attcked by the nature of her reply, like she was going to school me, yet every thing she claim I had already addressed correctly in the article or she was spouting flat out pseudoscience. Much of her science was seriously flawed. I appologize if it seemed to harsh, must have been the mood I was in that day. I thank you for writing and appologize if I offended, but I will always defend my position with science. You’re right about assuming she was a troll, it may have been out of line, but it still reads to me like a troll. Sorry.

        • Roman
          May 30, 2016 | 5:47 pm

          Meat isnt bad as long as it is organic. Can we survive just off of it alone? Sure if you want to be ketogenic forever… Maybe not the kind meat sold nowadays. Can you live just being a vegan?…much more likely. Cool article though.

          • Sarah Wright
            September 9, 2018 | 7:21 am

            Yes. You can live healthily on just meat. Thousands of us are doing it right now. Including myself.

          • Wenona
            June 24, 2019 | 10:02 pm

            Roman said “Can you live just being a vegan?…much more likely.”

            Only short term if at all. Nutritional deficiencies will occur, including fat soluble vitamins (retinol aka real vitamin A is only found in animal foods and beta carotene is very poorly converted by us into retinol), DHA, heme iron, cholesterol (sure we can make some, but some people can’t make it well enough for good health so must get it from food, the only source is animals), omega 3, B12 (despite claims that non animal sources provide it). If a person eats only plant fats, their human cells will only have the choice of using those fats to make cell membranes and perform other functions. Human cell membranes are not meant to be composed of plant fats = health issues. Eat at least some animals, non-processed, organic, grassfed, well treated and be healthy.

        • Ana
          November 5, 2018 | 1:03 pm

          Just brilliant. I read every word of this thoughtful, witty response to that ridiculously dismissive and invalidating comment, chuckling the whole way. Thank you for taking the time to educate the troll and anyone else who nods their bobble heads in agreement.

          I know meat is healing and the easiest, most nutritious food to digest from personal experience too, though not to such an enlightening extreme as in your case. But I suffered from SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) in the worst way. I could not process ANY plant sugars (sweet or not–so many people erroneously associate sugar with the sweet fructose/sucrose varieties) without agonizing side effects. Meat was the only thing that felt good. At the time I found this very distressful–for one needs to eat vegetables in order to be healthy!–and kept trying miserably to re-introduce them. But after finally having landed on the “carnivore” way of eating, I truly see the light. Love that I stumbled on your blog. All the best to you.

    • Zane
      November 26, 2015 | 9:52 pm

      If you had not much intestine, how well does the intestine work with meat. Stomachs are bad arse, dont get me wrong. But, you might be an exceptional personal or a freak.

      • Wolverine
        November 29, 2015 | 3:12 am

        Hi Zane, thanks for commenting. I am certainly a biological freak, but not because of my digestive system, All of the times I surprised and astonished the doctors had more to do with some weird ability I have to survive low blood pressures which usually kill people, but I assure you, your stomach works much like my own.

        Yes, I was only left with about 8 inches of small intestines. Basically the food which emptied from my stomach came directly out of the duodenum and out the stoma. In all reality, what came out of the stoma was really what you would expect to come from the duodenum in any healthy person, there was nothing abnormal about me.

        The digestive system is very complex and very difficult to understand. Many people have misconceptions of the role that the intestines play and attribute a lot of digestion to them, when in reality their job is mostly one of nutrient absorption.

        Though some digestion takes place along the way, the greater part of reducing the food to liquid is handled first by the mouth and teeth. The teeth do a majority of mechanical damage grinding and pulverizing solids into a softer material, increasing surface area and exposing more of the cells to the acids and enzymes in the stomach and duodenum. The teeth’s mechanical damage is the only way to break open plant cells (other than the heat of cooking).

        Also, do not overlook the fact that the human saliva contains many enzymes, mostly amylase, an enzyme which breaks down carbohydrate bonds, so even complex carbohydrates are reduced to simple sugars before reaching the stomach and absorb quickly into the blood stream. This is one of the problems with the modern american diet rich in carbohydrates which spike blood sugar far too fast for the pancreas to deal with.

        Having a stoma which came directly off the duodenum gave no time for the stomach acid to be neutralized , so I felt the full force of the stomach acid when I experienced the all too often ostomy leaks which allowed the stomach acid to cover the sensitive skin of my stomach area. Believe me when I tell you, that acid had plenty of corrosive ability to reduce any animal protein to liquid in short order. It burned very much like car battery acid and left my skin red and inflamed for days. if left for more than a minute, it would usually cause the skin to break open and bleed. Since most food will sit in this bath of acid and enzymes for two hours or more as the stomach agitates it by churning, the animal cells, which are only made of cholesterol, break down quickly to solution.

        The duodenum is a very over-looked organ. It may be only 4 to 6 inches long and follows immediately after the stomach, but it contains many ducts where biliary secretions of specific enzymes, designed to break down chemical bonds of the 3 major macronutrients we eat. Lipase, for breaking down fats, protease for breaking down proteins and amylase to break carbohydrate bonds, reducing starches to simple sugars or monosaccharides.

        Many of these enzymes are secreted by the pancreas, except bile, which is secreted by the liver, stored in the gall bladder and released when fat is present. Bile is not an enzyme, but rather an emulsifier. Think of it like the way water will not mix with oil, but if you add an egg yolk, which acts as an emulsifier, the two become one as mayonnaise,

        In a similar way, bile, which is made of cholesterol and salts, makes the fat join with the watery chime, so all will be ready to be absorbed as it enters the jejunum. The stomach, with its high acid content, array of enzymes do most of the work which the teeth and saliva did not finish.

        Cellulose (plant cell walls) is a very hard carbohydrate equivalent to wood and is indigestible by any animal in the world. Even termites are dependent on bacteria which lives in their stomachs to ferment the wood cellulose and then feed them with the by-product. Most modern pesticides are designed to target the bacteria rather than the termite, because once the bacteria dies, the termite dies of starvation.

        This is true in all ruminant animals and hind-gut digesters. They have many microbes within their multiple stomachs or hind-gut to ferment the cellulose for them and feed them the butyrate (a short chain triglyceride — saturated fat). The human stomach is virtually sterile, as is all the small bowels, making us an omnivore who must get our fat from dietary sources. A human is not a hind-gut digester as our closest relative, the chimpanzee is and cannot convert cellulose to a fatty acid; actually our colon can, but we do not absorb much from the colon, certainly not enough to sustain us.

        The proof is that the chimp has a much larger ratio of colon, cecum and appendix and much less small bowels for absorption. In fact, if you remove a chimp’s colon, they will die, whereas a human can live fine without a colon, making it nearly a vestigial organ. This is because a human only receives 8 to 10% absorption from our colons, but a chimp or gorilla receive about 71% of their nutrient absorption from the colon and little from their small bowels.

        There is evidence that our most ancient ancestor; Australopithecus, (best example; Lucy), shows evidence of being a hind-gut digester, eating mostly fruits and vegetation, but this is a pre-hominid relative of man, being nothing we would consider a hominid. She had an extremely small brain, not much bigger than a modern chimpanzee. All anthropological evidence suggests that Lucy’s decedents began eating meat, with its much higher nutrient density and availably caused the brain to grow and the hind-gut to shrink, since heavy plant fermentation became unnecessary.

        Proof of this was found in the bones of paleolithic hominids who showed signs of carrying the same parasite as the ancestors to the modern hyenas, which heavily suggested they were eating on the same meat as the hyenas, also suggesting that early hominids were scavengers.

        I personally believe they were scavenging until their brains grew large enough that they began creating weapons which allowed them to chase predators away from fresh kills, then eventually becoming good enough with weapons to become the apex predator. It is interesting that only the human developed the ability to throw objects in an overhand motion with deadly accuracy. This skill requires a very large portion of the brain to accomplish this very technical task, yet it is so ingrained in humans, that even two year old children can toss objects overhand and usually hit their target and certainly most of our sports are based on this ability. I wrote an article about this evolution in debt called “The Evolution Of Missile Weaponry which is a unique take on humans as hunters:

        If you would like to red more about this amazing human adaptation (Which helped us grow our brains and conquer the world), the following is an article detailing the evolution from a Harvard Publication:

        I know that PETA likes to spread some pseudoscience they pulled directly from their asses, because not one respectable anthropologist would agree with their claim that humans evolved as an herbivore. The Harvard article reports what the top anthropologists believe based on the evidence they have found, not what there wishful thinking wants them to believe. Man’s ability to throw over-hand with deadly accuracy is what directly lead to acquiring meat which made their brains grow faster and larger. It is for this reason that I believe that we are better adapted to digesting meat with higher efficiency and what I saw in the ostomy bag would support that thesis.

        Then there came fire! As the hominids began cooking their food, the nutrients became even easier to extract and absorb, even from the vegetables, and the brain grew more, allowing the invention of greater technology for both hunting, food preparation and cooking. This also lessened the need for the large powerful jaw for chewing which Lucy had. Our jaws shrunk and certain teeth became unnecessary, which is why wisdom teeth become more of a problem than anything else.

        Everything which came out of my stomach is exactly what should have been expected in anyone with a healthy stomach and duodenum. We cannot digest cellulose, except what we happen to chew well enough, but humans are no longer designed for that type of chewing. especially plants, which require grinding. This is why ruminant animals have flat molars without ridges. Our molars have peaks and valleys, not as extreme as a pure carnivore, but far more than a ruminant.

        Theses ridges are for tearing meat, but since we usually cut our meat, these are not really necessary. Even worse, we lack the jaw power. Apes have very large jaw muscles which attach to a crest atop their skull, the human jaw muscles anchor to the cheek bone and temporal side of the skull and are far too weak to efficiently crush raw vegetation.

        We also lack the extreme side to side chewing motion necessary for grinding vegetation. So we can always expect to find un-chewed vegetables and seeds passing through the human digestive system whole (think of corn). This is why we get more from vegetables which are cook or fermented. thereby being predigested for us. This how the human lost much of that heavy plant digestion tools, from cooking and fermenting vegetation for eons.

        Without any help from outside sources, the human being has everything necessary to digest meat and the animal products and get most the available nutrients from it. I still believe we are an omnivore, because there are many nutrients we have become dependent on getting from plants, nuts or fruits, we just are not as efficient at digesting them and therefor cannot live on them exclusively. Of the two food sources, we are far better equipped to digest meat and animal foods fully, getting far more nutrition from animal products that we do from vegetation.

    • Melvin spinoza
      April 15, 2016 | 3:49 pm

      Meat is poison to the human because it does rot in the gut and remnants of this crap is found even years later in the human gut..He is totally full of BS.

      • ThePaganSun
        May 19, 2018 | 9:05 pm

        STOP telling lies, Melvin. MEAT IS COMPLETELY DIGESTED BY THE HUMAN BODY! CELLULOSE (plant-based material) cannot be digested. Do some research before spouting nonsense!

        • Rozlet
          October 21, 2018 | 9:38 am

          Cooked meat is poison to my body, Melvin spinoza. Being meat doesn’t make it poisonous to my body. Cooking it makes it highly inflammatory to mine. I don’t tolerate vegetables well, but not toxic like meat cooked. Raw meat will not get stuck years later anywhere. It quickly composts.

  2. janet
    November 26, 2011 | 11:38 am

    I can see why you want to roar!

  3. Wolverine
    November 26, 2011 | 11:01 pm

    Thanks, Janet.

  4. Sssss
    April 6, 2012 | 6:56 pm

    You sir, are a fucking idiot.

    • Wolverine
      April 6, 2012 | 7:07 pm

      What a profound statement. I am in awe.

      • BarleySinger
        April 16, 2014 | 11:05 pm

        ON Reading all this I now know it rambles and I am not up to editing it all. So much for posting when tired and in pain. Oh well…

        FIRST – you SHOULD be in awe to that poster (and not for good reasons). Going off to an “Ad Homonim” attack that quickly! Wow (the last resort of those with no real facts to debate with… just personal attacks and meaningless profane labels). People tend to do this if their “psychological coping mechanisms” are being challenged.

        *** MEAT ***
        *** AND MORE MEAT ***

        I love meat. Bambi tastes good and so does “Gentle Ben” (I love bear, dear, elk, antelope, etc). I have killed and eaten a lot of trout, catfish, sea bass, salmon, cut-throat (etc) in my time. YUM!

        Mind you I hate this trend in factory farming where they force animals to grow rapidly and they kill them way too soon (in intensive farms where many of the animals have active infections). All slaughtered way too soon for quick cash. I dislike it when foul, pigs and steers are filled with chemical crap to force them to grow fast, given antibiotics so you can back them together without quite killing them, and then are slaughtered way too young (this has given us antibiotic resistant infections too). That kid of ranching gives people meat without real flavor that is not good for them.

        However these days it all has to be ‘clean’ organic everything for me (I had to go all organic to survive). It is expensive, but not as expensive as chemo or a funeral.

        Note here that I *do* use the parts of alternative medicine that are into hard science because there is quite a bit of it out there (if you look around). Alternative medicine that HEALS problems – instead of putting you on a conveyer belt of medication that just covers up the symptoms (with docs who never ever ask WHY you got sick in the first place).

        Far more alternative medicine is now based on hard science research than there is in modern western medicine. Most modern western docs are at least 40 years behind the research, using treatments that were discarded ‘officially’ 20 years or more ago. Last year I saw a rheumatologists who was using methods based on a study that had been shown as crap by the World Health Organization (a study of 5 people with no double blind or control group, all participants were hand picked by one doctor to prove HIS POINT, and not one of the subjects had the disease according to the WHO). The docs was also still deluded into believing that GABAPENTIN worked for general pain conditions (it doesn’t & there was a major law suit that proved the point).

        I hate it when people base their life choices (or their way of treating patients) on bad information….stuff that is all about “faith” and not about science and fact. Then again the real world can be scary. Most people these days (including the doctors) are in denial of some ideas (no matter how much hard science is pointing right at it) because the truth is just too damned scary for them to look at & accept.

        * Meat is good food.

        * Eggs do not cause high cholesterol (we make our own cholesterol & eggs contain the enzymes that remove the cholesterol that they contain)

        * low salt can CAUSE high blood pressure

        * real natural saturated fats (in reasonable quantities) is far better for us than seed oil (which cause heart trouble).

        In fact, real fat (the butter, suet and lard that used to be quite common) is not the danger we have been told it is. The Framingham heart study showed this as fact (and then the data was twisted to try and say the opposite)….to support the pre-existing opinion of some cardiologists who did not understand biochemistry & knew nothing about nutrition.

        We evolved eating meat. Chimps (our cousins down the branch of evolution) love it.

        In order to survive my own health issues (more on that later) I read a lot of research papers and medical abstracts. I have too do this in order to get better (which I have been doing – to the amazement of the docs).

        I have slowly healing brain damage so this ressarch has NOT been easy (and I have dropped the ball a few times and not done things I had learned about BEFORE years ago, because I could not REMEMBER the information). regardless of the annoyance of learning new things in this state, I still do it). PubMED and the Harvard Medical Journal are my friends. I also have a sister in law who has a PDH in biochemistry, was a university professor at Georgetown (Clair Booth Luce Chair), worked a Lawrence Livermore Labs and is now working in epigenetics in her own non-profit. She agrees with what We do in OUR house. She knows my research and choices are correct, and that the docs have their heads buried someplace … perhaps in the sand… or maybe in a place that is dark and stinky.

        Unfortunately most MDs are NOT scientists (2% or less) and few even have a solid background in what the scientific method is. They can;t understand the math in the statics from the studies, the do not understand double blind testing (they are unaware it was actually invented by PARAPSYCHOLOGISTS to remove all bias from testing), They also do not do (and cannot do) a simple gram stain for bacteria types before prescribing an antibiotic (which is why they all use broad-spectrum now).
        |Any doc who does not have a microscope in their practice, is NOT a scientist.

        They are ‘practitioners’ not scientists) and they have many ideas that are tainted by a big trail of money. All they know is : “if a problem looks like ‘situation a’, I was taught to do thingy ‘b\'” and they have lost entirely the art of the physical examination and do not do differential diagnostics.

        On the other hand, when it comes to physically broken parts of the body – broken limbs, bad burns, heart attack – ANYTHING that needs surgery…I go to the hospital.

        A good modern E.R is GREAT for emergency situation interventions. However western docs are utter crap at dealing with any chronic problem or preventative medicine. They just label you, and then feeling satisfied with their own intelligence they shove you out the door; with a new label and some medications to cover up the symptoms & they just don’t “GET” the idea of actually FIXING/HEALING a chronic problem or knowing WHY it happened).

        If your transmission trouble came form riding the clutch, you would want to know to STOP IT.

        They are a lot like a mechanic who has no idea how to tune up your car, and doesn’t see the design flaws that made all K-cars have broken crank shafts & blown pistons over time… or why you should NEVER use crappy aluminum heads … but are GREAT at replacing major parts of the engine to get it working again.

        Specialists without inquiring minds.

        So in my case, when my belly pain went WAY above with their diagnosis said I had…I kept pestering my Doc until I got the proper scans done…and there it was – a gallbladder that was NOT the size of a “shooter marble” but was bigger than a football. Not one of them though to check me for gallbladder disease because my liver bloods were always fine (and they ARE fine … until the months right before you are likely to DIE).

        My gallbladder got to be football sized instead of marble sized (with irregular thickening well over 1cm in places and with polyps). It was all filled with stones and infected – it was too late for alternative medicine – it was SURGERY TIME (and well past the right time to do it).

        ** side note – when my wife’s gallbladder went (common in our set of illnesses) it was her acupuncturists who caught it! He told her to go see her gastroenterologist.

        As for me, I didn’t wind up in the hospital soon enough, Even after the scans showed what was wrong, I had to wait in line (to much over crowding – I had to wait while my GP got very nervous). Had they not assumed and had then run tests (done real science) they would have caught it years earlier.

        Meanwhile I had a very bad attack. I had a branch of my hypatic artery blow. Thankfully my blood is so screwed up (or was back then before my research) that I barely bled at all at the time…thanks to red cells that are totally the wrong shape, far too many red cells (polycythemnia) and enough fibrin for 10 people.

        For instance, in 2002 I screwed up in the kitchen and buried a steak knife down to the bone on my index finger near the big knuckle…and it did not BLEED at all. It only left a dark mark on the skin (like a hair fine bruise). I did not mange get even one drop of blood out of it from squeezing to try and get the blood to clean it out.

        I told the docs. Not one of them did a thing.

        So…had I not STILL been very sick from the joys of irresponsible corporate petro-chemistry, and stayed that way from docs who never bothered to do acy testing – i.e. – DO REAL SCIENCE (mythology based medicine) I still did’t bleed normally.

        As a result although I did lose 5 units of blood out my backside and into my belly .. it took about 10-12 days to do it instead of one day.

        It can be very hard to get people past their personal prejudices and actually LOOK at what they can SEE in front of them….even doctors who OUGHT to know better give into their training (in the traditions and mythological lore of earlier doctors) instead of READING about hard science and acting on it

        Anyway, these days I have been forced into eating an all organic diet – including MEAT (red meat when I can get it).

        There is a point to take into account here. Nearly all of humanity for all of time (and ALL of our evolutionary pre-human ancestors) ate ORGANIC food (because nothing else existed).

        We evolved on it…not on factory food or agro-chemicals…not on untested junk that comes out of the backside of a chemical factory, add in to “sell product” .

        All of the ancient world’s empires were run on massive armies who ate organic food : Assyrians, Persians, Babylonians, Sumerians, Romans, Ottomans and even the more recent British Empire and the Germans of WWI.

        If meat or gluten was the big evil, they would have had armies of the disabled – filled with people with IBS, crones, Fibomyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which would have made it very hard to oppress millions of people through bloody warfare).

        Meanwhile I grew up in a MODERN WORLD, surrounded by the pulp and paper mill industry and their ‘settling ponds’ on rivers that people were afraid to dredge (they were afraid the rivers would catch fire). And those mills all used chlorine based pulp production – wchi produces DIOXINS and PCBs – left in open air settling ponds. The on-smokers in that area died of lung cancer and about 1/3 of the population had sarcoid tumors in their lungs. Then again it was also an era where we had constant farm, city and home use of DDT, 24D, Diazanone (etc)….chemicals that do NOT go away. Hell, we had a can of DDT on top of the fridge for killing the flies.

        So now I have serious health issues. My body just cannot tolerate some substances at all (most man made things are a problem – which sucks as a person who loved hard science including chemistry in school and went into the sciences & made good money at it until disability).

        In fact all of the synthetic pesticides & herbicides I have encountered so far since i first started having problems (organochlorines, organophosphates and even the newer synthetic pyrethroids & neotobacconates) *ALL* make me very ill.

        The worst of the lot give me rapidly forming burning blisters – some of which are huge and go very deep – all the way down into the fat layer where you can see my capillaries.

        Hence my move into the Aussie bush.

        You see, the human liver did not evolve around this ‘new’ stuff & hasn’t a clue how to get rid of it. So it just builds up. Given enough time the villi take serious damage.

        And because the small intestine and villi sit right next to a large portion of the lymphatic system (in order for us to absorb nutrients) …the lymphatic system also takes damage from absorbing all that rubbish.

        The lymphatic system has no pump or filter. It can get bogged down, clogged and filled with chemical crap easily. By then the villi in the gut no longer work well and people have DIGESTIVE ISSUES….which they tend to blame on the foods that evoke the least pleasant symptoms.

        So they blame meat (if the are anti-meat they already have a soap box) or they blame gluten.

        The gut can no longer do its job right with all this going on. No wonder do many people can’t tolerate wheat or dairy anymore.

        DO this long enough and your body PH lowers a touch & more things go wrong. With the gut villi broken down and healing far too slowly, you can’t absorb the 8 vital amino acids from your food, or the vitamins and minerals either.

        And people still go on eating poisoned groceries, fast food, etc. And of course it has a lot of “High Fructose Corn Syrup” in it, because there is HFCS in almost everything pre-made & quick to get ready. They are too tired by then to do anything complicated in the kitchen..just too exhausted to use real ingredients anymore. They are also usually obese because HFCS goes into fat calls – BEFORE we can even burn it, and it also stop us from feeling full (HFCS causes leptin resistance) and it cause diabetes (HFCS causes insulin resistance).

        …besides the kitchens made in this era are are not made properly to do any real cooking in them….or cleaning…or anything else. There is no room for a real pantry for food storage either.

        … so you have villi problems with Mal-absorbtion trouble and leaky-get. Food intolerance & allergies follow rapidly, along with autoimmune trouble and a body wide inflammatory process.

        *** NOW***

        Isn’t it far less scary to be IRRATIONAL and just blame the MEAT?

        But then people have had a long tradition of embracing the irrational, ignoring reality and rewriting history to fit what they want to believe in (or to avoid what scares them).

        The popes envoy to Galileo refused to look in the telescope lest his faith be lessened (and he did not dispute what could be sen throuth it).

        I am what you might call a rational greenie. I like science and there is certainly nothing wrong with making a good living so long as you are not an ass about it.

        However – you still don;t go around “pooping where you drink”, or poisoning the local water supply to avoid cleaning up your business.

        Incidentally (speaking of poisoning people) back before King James got a hold of the Bible for his English translation (note that he was an unstable nut-case who though witches were out to get him – under the bed, in his shoes, everywhere) there was this old testament bible verse (which therefor only applied to JEWISH people) and it said :

        “Thou Shalt not suffer a POISONER OF WELLS to live”

        It said nothing about witches. HE (King James) personally believed that witches wanted to poison him.

        “Poisoner of wells” makes a lot of sense for a desert people now doesn’t it?

        Then again King James (and other people before him) changed other piece of the bible. The KJ version was going to be read by average people so it could NOT be a contradiction to accepted theology.

        Now in that era, women had no rights and were property. Tat was not the case in the early church (“there is neither Jew nor Greek, Slave nor Free, male nor Female”) but that was NOT OK in the church as it evolved to be.

        Given that the church has adopted the anti-female ideas of the Greek Gnostics (they had a lot of political & social pull in the era from about 100CE to 500CE).

        Most people do not know that it is official church doctrine that WOMEN caused the fall of man from grace and pass on the taint of “original sin” via the act of conception (it is all their fault according to the church doctrine of over 1700 years). St Augustine paved the way for some of this. He believe that the “original sin” in Eden was that Adam and Eve had sex and liked it (and that is still official doctrine). According to him the trouble was with our “unruly genitals” because HE believed every other body part did exactly as you tell them to (I have never told my pancreas to make insulin – & he had obviously never seen a muscle spasm or a seizure).

        So no wonder that when King James had his bible coming out for far more average people to read…HE HAD OT CHANGE DORSUS (in the New Testament in the Acts of the Apostles), he changed the story from one about a DEACON to a well loved “slave”. The original text says she was a well loved DEACON.


        Those who are Christians seriously need to be aware of the degree to which their “book” has been mangled for political and social purposes and how their central theology changed to encompass ideas of the other most popular religions of the era from roughly 100CE to 400CE (the original theology was a non-legalistic for of Judaism and had no devil, no hell, no virgin birth, no immaculate conception of Mary, no savior who definitely died and definitely rose physically, no divinity of Christ, no trinity, etc.

        • Terijo
          November 16, 2017 | 11:11 am

          Interested in your thinking. Are you on FB or anywhere?

  5. Marco
    April 13, 2012 | 11:36 am

    Hi Wolverine,

    Thanks for this blog from Italy.

    Keep up this good and useful work!

    And don’t mind the morons.


    • Wolverine
      April 13, 2012 | 2:10 pm

      Thanks Marco. I’m glad to know I have some readers in Italy. I would assume that you have a much broader selection of fresh food there. Here in the U.S. it’s getting hard to find anything that hasn’t had the toxic stink of industrial processing all over it.

      In reference to those who have worked to acquire the title; “morons”, I actually find them rather amusing and self-incriminating.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  6. Bob Johnston
    May 2, 2012 | 2:08 pm

    Just found your blog and I’m glad I did. Some amazing information here.



    • Wolverine
      May 2, 2012 | 2:33 pm

      Thanks for stopping by and for the words of encouragement, Bob. I hope you’ll bookmark the site or subscribe to the RSS or email alerts.

      Thanks again.

      • Bob Johnston
        May 2, 2012 | 2:35 pm

        I definitely subscribed to the email announcement and have already posted your article on the dangers of colonoscopies to my facebook page.

        • Wolverine
          May 2, 2012 | 2:47 pm

          Thanks, Bob, for helping to spread the information. I hate the idea of anyone else being injured the way I was by that damned machine – unless it was Katie Couric – then I’d see it as poetic justice or some sort of karma. Of course, I don’t believe in karma, which is why her ass will never be punctured and she could care less how many others are disabled by this snake oil medicine. If she developed colorectal cancer in spite of all the screenings she’s had, it might prove how ineffective they are at finding cancer – but I’m sure that GE damage control would have a thousand ad hoc excuses given by a host of media whore doctors (like Oz) that the public would buy hook, line and sinker.

          Thanks again.

  7. pam
    July 14, 2012 | 5:31 pm

    i also like J Stanton’s @ writing a great deal,

    stay well!

    • Wolverine
      July 14, 2012 | 8:45 pm

      J. Stanton has some great information at his site Gnolls. He has a very direct approach to delivering comprehensive facts. A great site.

      Hope your father is staying well.

  8. Kat
    August 14, 2012 | 12:17 am

    do you have an IBD possibly, if not why did you have parts of your intestine removed? I have crohn’s myself so I am really curious. also thanks for this this my friend is going vegan because she watched a documentary about meat giving us cancer. Odd, considering my 108 great-grandmother ate meat,and my 96 year old grandmother and my 93 year old grandfather and my 93 year old great grandfather, weird( I think she is secretly doing it just to lose weight) and also that besides that fact it might give you cancer she has no other moral reason to do so.

    • Wolverine
      August 14, 2012 | 9:05 am

      I had a type of IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, but that is not how I lost my bowels. Unlike Crrohn’s, which can affect the entire digestive tract, UC is isolated to the colon.

      I lost my bowels due to the incompetence of a group of doctors. A gastroeterologist attempted a colonoscopy and perforated the colon. He and another group of doctors ignored my complaints of pain for nearly 4 days. In that time of massive hemorrhaging, a partial occlusion formed in the superior mesenteric artery – and again, the doctors failed to diagnose it for more than a week. The bood flow was severely decreased to the intestines and all of my bowels became ischemic.

      Vegans use lots of scare tactics to get people to change to their lifestyle. Most of the time they know nothing that they claim to. There are no links to meat causing cancer. Some processed meats can contain carcinogenic chemicals, but in very low doses. This is why I stray away from processed meats (Spam, cold cuts, hot dogs, etc.). Fresh meat will never give anyone cancer.

      They can claim all the health benefits they wish, but in the real world, the healthiest people I know are not vegan. But, some of the sickest people I know are. They go to the doctors more often and take way more medications and supplements. That’s funny, most of the people I know that went vegan for a while gained weight, mostly due to the high amount of starchy food – a lot of carbohydrates.

      Sorry to hear about your Crohn’s Disease. I met a few people the suffered Crohn’s and were getting transplants at the time I was. It is a horrible disease. Try avoiding wheat and products made from wheat. Gluten is very rough on the intestinal walls. I still have 20 inches of native colon which I was able to spare by giving up wheat.

  9. Sara
    August 22, 2012 | 11:34 pm

    This is interesting to read and I think it’s incredible that what you’ve gone through.

    I do think you’re being unfair to veggies and the like though, because as you state yourself you are missing the rest of the digestive tract which does take care of the broccoli and such. And those things are quite healthy for us and there are great nutrients extracted from them farther in the digestive process. The stomach is only one part of a long system. Now if we all had all types of whole veggies in our poop (not just the corn kernels) – that might be something to consider.

    • Wolverine
      August 23, 2012 | 1:58 am

      Hi Sara, thanks for commenting. You seem to have missed the point of the article completely. The point of the post was not to denigrate vegetables as a food source, but rather to counter the ignorant and deceitful claim by vegans that humans cannot digest meat. According to vegan pseudoscience, meat is indigestible by humans and putrefies in the colon. Although vegetables are an important source of many nutrients and a healthy part of a good diet, humans actually digest meat more efficiently than vegetables.

      Your claim that the intestines contain enzymes to digest every part of vegetation, like broccoli, is not accurate. There are many indigestible carbohydrates within vegetables and though some of them can be broken down by colonic bacteria, humans do not have a high rate of absorption from the colon and the resulting butyric acid is mostly used locally by the cells of the colon and only about 10% is absorbed.

      The parts of the intestines that I was missing are mostly used for absorption, not digestion. (I now have a complete digestive system due to the transplant). As a matter of fact, for a year after my transplant, my stoma was relocated at the end of the ileum (just before the colon) rather than the end of the duodenum (that’s over 20 more feet). Yet, I still found whole pieces of vegetables in the ostomy. The level of nutrition that we receive from most vegetables are contingent on how well they are cooked and chewed. Other than colonic bacteria, humans have absolutely no enzymes that can break-down plant cellulose (they must be mechanically broken by chewing).

      This is why ruminant animals have multiple chambered stomachs and chew their cud several times. If the human digestive tract could so efficiently break down vegetation as you suggested, then why would ruminants have evolved such a large and energy gobbling digestive tract? A sheep’s ratio of small intestines is more than 3 times that of a human and uses a much larger ratio of their energy intake to operate and maintain. Explain to me why they evolved four stomachs if the tiny human intestine could do the trick – and why do they have such a large cecum, whereas the human cecum is almost non-existent?

      I’m not sure where you got the idea that I was suggesting that vegetables are not good for us? I eat plenty of vegetables. Because vegetables are so difficult to digest, I ferment a lot of my vegetables to get more out of them. Humans get more nutrition from well cooked or fermented vegetables than raw. Most vegetables are indigestible to humans in their raw state and most grains are down-right toxic to humans in their raw state, because of the high level of lectins and phytates.

      I’m not sure what you meant by saying I’m not fair to vegetables? Everything I stated in the article is scientific fact – and science and the truth doesn’t really care what is “politically correct” or what someone “wants to believe”. Even if you were right and there was something else further down the intestines that broke down vegetables (there isn’t), that would not change the fact that the meat was digested long before the vegetables – therefore, easier to digest and higher in available nutrients.

    • Emmae
      September 7, 2017 | 1:21 pm

      I have started eating only meat due to the fact that I personally cannot digest veggies….. in my youth it was potatoes yams carrots and now in my early 30s anytime I eat veggies I bloat get abdominal cramping mucousy and bloody stool and pass everything undigested.

  10. Yolandi
    December 29, 2012 | 3:19 pm

    I don’t know any vegans who believe that the human body can’t digest meat. Your argument presents a straw man logical fallacy. Of course the human body can digest meat. I don’t deny that and most people don’t, but it’s an inarguable fact that the human body does not digest meat as efficiently as a traditionally carnivorous animal can. Our bodies do not have the physiological trademarks of traditional carnivores.

    • Wolverine
      December 30, 2012 | 3:31 am

      There is no straw many fallacy here, but your argument is certainly an argument from ignorance fallacy. Just because you are ignorant of the claim does not mean it has never been made. I have heard many vegans make this claim and according to my statistics on search engine terms, many people find my article while searching the phrase “can humans digest meat” every day, so they are also hearing this from somewhere.

      One the flip side of your argument, humans do not digest vegetation as well as ruminant animals either, because we are not herbivores, but are omnivores. Humans do synthesize all of the enzymes necessary to digest meat, unlike total herbivores, who do not. My observation in undeniable. All of the meat that I consumed was completely reduced to liquid by the time it exited the duodenum, yet many pieces of whole vegetables were undigested. I’m not sure why that’s not efficient enough for you.

      You act as though all carnivores digest meat with the same efficiency – nothing could be further from the truth. Cats are better suited for softer organs and muscles, whereas canines have the ability to digest much tougher cartilage and bone. Crocodilians have such powerful stomach acid that they can digest bone, horns, antlers and hooves. My post is hardly a straw man fallacy when you, yourself are claiming that we do not digest meat very well and my claim is that we digest it very well. How is completely reducing it to liquid before it reaches the small bowels not very efficient? According to your claim, there should have been some parts of the meat still undigested in the ostomy bag – there wasn’t.

      You are the one with the straw man fallacy by trying to make the argument that I claimed that humans were carnivores. Where in this article did I make such a claim? Human beings are omnivores and can adapt to eating many different foods. Inuit people have proven that humans can thrive on animal products alone, if necessary.

    • Ray Habenicht
      September 24, 2013 | 11:38 am

      “it’s an inarguable fact that the human body does not digest meat as efficiently as a traditionally carnivorous animal can”

      Sorry, Yolandi, what was that about a straw-man?

      Wolverine, thanks for your ‘rants.’ As a Crohn’s sufferer with a few scopes under the belt I find it most enlightening. Also, horrifying.

      As someone who makes regular visits to various doctors (thankfully I’ve mostly stayed out of hospitals!) I see much of the laziness, cynicism and various BS you have commented on in the medical field.

      Stay strong,


  11. Josh
    May 21, 2013 | 11:44 am

    This article is garbage. And of course there were whole pieces of lettuce and plant matter coming out the stomach. Most of our digestion is done in our stomach. The acids in out stomach do a great job breaking down proteins. When that animal protein liquid goes into the rest of the GI tract after the stomach it turns into a thick sludge. Which can hinder overall digestion. Bit saying we can eat meat. We surely can. But our diet should be based on plant spruces more so than animal sources.

    • Bob Johnston
      May 21, 2013 | 2:03 pm

      So let me get this straight – the stomach does a great job breaking down animal proteins but upon leaving the stomach it becomes a thick sludge (that I presume is indigestible). Does it make any sense that the stomach would do a great job digesting a food that we’re genetically adapted to eat and is loaded with nutrients and the remainder of the digestive system can’t handle the food. I’m not one to be critical of people but your comment is stupid – appallingly stupid. And the grammatical and spelling errors make it nearly unreadable.

      • Wolverine
        May 22, 2013 | 2:11 am

        Great info, Bob. Thanks for blowing some fresh air into the stench that wafted this way. Trolls can be irritating.

    • Wolverine
      May 22, 2013 | 1:57 am

      Thanks for attempting to leave a comment. I believe that Bob was being very polite saying your comment was nearly unreadable. As much as a wanted to understand your comment it was completely incoherent. All spelling and grammar aside, the science (or lack of) didn’t seem to align with any biochemistry known to modern man.

      The substance exiting the stomach is called “chyme”, not “sludge”. Can you site any studies that prove that the chyme containing animal proteins and fats are indigestible, or more accurately, inabsorbable? Because it makes absolutely no sense. Once exiting the duodenum, which is where all the pancreatic enzymes and bile are secreted, the protein chains have been reduced to simple amino acids. Amino acids from plants are no different from those of animals. So why would animal amino acids be less absorbable? An amino acid is an amino acid – plant or animal.

      You admit that animal proteins are properly digested in the stomach and duodenum (If you know what that is), but then say they cannot be digested further down the bowels. This is absurd, because little to no digestion takes place beyond the duodenum – only absorption. The jejunum and ileum are filled with villi, which are predominantly for absorption of nutrients from the cyme. Your science is quite flawed and it is obvious that you WANT to believe something, but have no biological knowledge or evidence to back it up. Read a biology book on digestion and take a course in English and then come back and we can debate this intelligently.

      The issue with the plant proteins was that a percentage of them were not efficiently broken down in the stomach and duodenum. What vegetable protein had been thoroughly chewed and digested would be absorbed. Problem is, humans cannot thoroughly chew our food as well as a ruminant, therefore much of the nutrients contained within the cellulose are never digested – this is why people find whole kernels of corn in there crap. You never find whole pieces of meat in your stool, do you?

      Both animal and plant nutrients are good for us, the fact of the matter is that we are better designed, by nature, to extract nutrients more efficiently from animal cells (because the cell walls are more permeable than cellulose). Your argument did nothing to prove that our diet should be predominantly plant based, other than you saying so at the end of your ridiculous rant about sludge. Please show us some scientific evidence, outside of some claim on PETAs website (who are not scientists by any stretch), that may substantiate your thesis.

      I know what I saw coming out of my stoma. I fail to see how my small intestine could absorb those whole pieces of vegetation, yet is was easy to see how they would have absorbed the animal protein and fat which had been reduced to a yellowish colored liquid, which I would not define as a “sludge”. I have a very highly intelligent readership and they demand scientific evidence, not vegan propaganda, to support dietary claims.

  12. Taylor
    June 11, 2013 | 2:03 pm

    I’m curious if when you have eaten the vegetables, if they were cooked? I was watching this documentary called Food Matters, and apparently when your diet is more than 50% cooked, you’re body begins to attack the food as a toxin. Fresh vegetables are fine apparently, but if you steam them or cook them in any way they loose nutritional value and the digestive system starts to reject them.

    • Wolverine
      June 15, 2013 | 4:28 am

      Thanks Taylor for writing. i ate both cooked and raw. in fact it was more often the raw vegetables that showed up in the ostomy bag, which would make sense, because raw vegetables are harder to digest. it is cooking that helps to break down the cellulose wall of the plant cells to make the nutrients more accessible to us.

      I saw that movie also and did not see much in the line of scientific evidence or studies to support those claims, other than some people looking into the camera and making those claims (basically like, believe me because I said so and I am in a movie with some impressive letters after my name). People can claim anything they want (after all, PETA boldly claims humans cannot digest meat), but showing the studies to support those claims is another story.

      I am referring to the claim that the body attacks cooked vegetables as a foreign invader. As a matter of fact, there is better evidence that overcooking meat can cause Advanced glycation end-product (AGE) by burning proteins and lipids. This is a good reason not to overlook or fry meat at high temperatures. It creates inflammation, but nothing like a full blown immune response like that movie suggested.

      Some food allergies can cause an immune response, otherwise, only pathogens or toxins trigger any dangerous immune response. Creating inflammation is something different than what the movie producers were suggesting. I really didn’t understand what they were suggesting, because the movie lacked much scientific information.

      There is truth that vegetables and fruits do lose nutritional value when cooked (so do animal products), but that is also a very deceptive statement when only offered without the other variables. Fruits are a different story, because they are the ovary of a plant and designed and offered up by the plant for ingestion (in order to spread their seeds). Many vegetables are not digestible to human beings – some are downright toxic to us if not cooked. Lectins are destroyed by heat – and lectins will kill a human being. I wouldn’t suggest eating a mass of uncooked white potatoes, beans or grains (which are actually seeds more than vegetables)

      The irony of the fact that many vegetables lose nutrition when cooked is that we can’t get much from many of them when not cooked. It wouldn’t matter if they contained every nutrient in the world, if we can’t get to any of it. The problem is, that we are not designed to chew our food with the same efficiency as a ruminant – nor are we hind gut digesters, like other primates. This is most likely why humans began to supplement their diet with meat a long time ago – more likely, we lost the ability to properly chew and ferment vegetation at the same time we began to introduce more animal products into our diets (which were more nutrient dense than vegetation anyway)

      For those that suggest that we can chew food well enough to rupture every cell wall of the impermeable cellulose of plants would be completely ignoring the fact that ruminants evolved multi-chamber stomachs, far stronger jaw muscles, the ability of extreme side-to-side jaw movement and large flat molars (humans have rigged molars). Why would ruminants have evolved all that equipment if the tiny, weak, human jaw and teeth are sufficient enough, to not only rupture cellulose walls, but we also had no need to regurgitate our food and re-chew it several times? (Anthropological evidence suggests that we lost the larger teeth, stronger jaw and larger hind gut after adopting meat and animal products intimidatedour diets)

      There are some who like to argue that raw vegetables are healthier, because many enzymes (which are heat sensitive) are destroyed when cooked. This is true, which is why humans can synthesize all the enzymes we need to digest our food – because we have been cooking food an awfully long time and evolved the ability to make all of those enzymes – so, there is little to gain from eating raw vegetation to get enzymes we don’t need and cannot get to without first cooking or fermenting those vegetables anyway – see the dichotomy?

      The other option would be to juice them, but then the vegetables are also heated by the high-speed blades of the juicer, thereby destroying as many nutrients as if cooked.

      If you like raw vegetables, then go ahead and eat them, they won’t hurt you, for sure (as long as they have no pathogens). But, we do not get more from most of the vegetables we eat when in their raw state, we actually get more from those that are cooked, because it helps break down the cellulose for us. (Don’t confuse vegetation with fruits, like a tomato is a fruit, cabbage is a vegetable. This can be confusing, because many call corn a vegetable, when it is in reality a grain and beans are seeds, not vegetables. The leafy green part of the plant and the stalks are vegetables.).

      I ferment vegetables, which probably maintains the highest amount of nutrients. By fermenting vegetables, you are mimicking exactly what the ruminant’s multi-chamber stomach is doing.

      The rumen stomach is a large fermentation vat, which is why cattle smell like fermented vegetation (even to the extent of alcohol) when you are near them. The cultures in the fermentation field are able to digest the cellulose plant walls that we are incapable of digesting. Animal cells have a membrane of cholesterol – something we make enzymes (lipase) to digest. Plants have a cell membrane made of indigestible carbohydrates, which humans have no mechanism with which to efficiently rupture them. Even ruminants must repeatedly chew and ferment them to break down those cell membranes, which house the nutrients inside.

      In recent years, there have been far more humans killed in the western world by consuming raw vegetables, than meat, raw dairy or eggs combined. I guess far more people consume raw vegetables, because they are convinced they are healthier (or they are attempting to lose weight. The whole idea of eating salad to lose weight was based on the idea that we cannot digest the vegetation to release the carbohydrates within – right? It was thought to be just stomach filler. So, whoever invented the idea of a salad knew that we could not digest raw vegetation well, nor get much from it. Just think, if we could digest vegetables like a ruminant, salads would be the most fattening of foods, with all those carbohydrates. Problem is, we cannot get to those carbohydrates, ruminants can. That’s why cows are fat.). Back to my original point….

      Everyone knows the dangers of raw meat, so they avoid it. But, some of the recent outbreaks of food borne pathogens (salmonella, e. coli and others) killing people in Europe and the United States is far too risky for me to take the chance, just to get at some enzymes that my body can easily synthesize anyway – especially in light of the fact that I take immunosuppressant agents. Recent culprits have been bean sprouts.

      I thank you for writing, but I have yet to see any evidence to support the idea that the human body attacks cooked vegetables. Have you seen any scientific information (basically, by what biological mechanism does this happen? What cells of the immune systems are involved and why?). If someone is eating burnt vegetables, it might make some sense, but I see no reason why steamed or sauté vegetables would have that effect. I mean, everything that we eat is a foreign invader, unless we were only eating our own flesh. Even another human would have foreign DNA, which is why I must take immunosuppressant drugs or my immune system would attack the donor’s organ.

      If you know of some links to some studies, I’d be interested in reading them. Otherwise, I think it may be just more vegan propaganda in an attempt to frighten people from animal products. I saw both cooked and raw vegetables in my ostomy bag, so certainly cooking them wasn’t the difference. I was still eating some salads then, because that was before the transplant, do my immune system was not yet compromised. Thanks again for writing and for the questions.

  13. Veg
    February 4, 2014 | 11:43 am

    “There are no links to meat causing cancer.” Don’t lie, it’s causing many bad things.

    • Wolverine
      February 8, 2014 | 8:51 pm

      There are NO clear links to meat and disease. The studies performed are based on outdated information started by Ancel Keys in 1956 with his 6 country study (which he ignored reliable data from 16 other countries, which ruin his time-line when added in)

      Once Professor Keys was appointed to the board of the AHA (American Heat Association) in the 1960 the myth began to grow and no one dared question it any further. (The AHA was opposed to Key’s theory for many years before he was awarded a seat on the board.) All other test since (as the Framingham study) have been acheived via questionares sent to people to fill out – How scientific is that?

      It is well known to scientist that the government accepted this myth (most likely due to the pushing of more grain in our diet – which is killing us) Since most funding for these studies come from government monies, every scientist knows thet their experiments will go unfunded and could lose tenure (as many prfessor have who disagreed with the myth) if their results show anything different than what the hand-that-feeds wants – therefor, they make sure that the data ia skewed to fit the desired answer.

      Scientist have to eat and support their families also, so they comply. But, there are many independent test that have been done that have easily proved the opposite. Try doing some more research on the subject before calling someone a liar. The test which show meat consumpption for superior health than grains were all clinical studies, far more reliable than the observational studies done by those which show the oppossite and the only studies which show that meat is bad are all observasional in nature – leaaving out many variables, like excessive drinking, drug use and smoking.

      You have been lied to — we all have. It’s time for us to wake up before it’s too late. In the 1950s, people ate far more saturated fat and had a fraction of today’s heart disease. Thanks for writing.

  14. Nicky Hansard
    June 11, 2014 | 11:36 pm

    Great read. Absolutely spot on from my observations and readings. The last ice age ended roughly 10,000 years ago and lasted about 100,000 years. During that period based on the study of human remains and simple logic I believe it is safe to assume that our diet was at least 50% from animal sources. I’m not going to cite specific sources but it’s based on the availability of plant food that was human compatible during that period – very little for most groups and the evidence based on human remains and living sites indicates animal were a major source of food – that conclusion came from studying animal remains and looking for indications of meat consumption in the human remains. Fruit in the diet would have been almost nil.

    After the development of agriculture there is clear evidence of a significant decline in health – this occurred roughly 6,000 BC I believe. Human populations that took up farming became shorter – as much as half a foot, extreme dental issues and chronic diseases. The hunter gatherers before (not all became farmers and their health did not deteriorate which suggests the health issues directly tied to the farming life) had been supremely fit and healthy until death, without any of the issues their farming neighbours were experiencing. You may wonder why there aren’t more hunter gatherers if it’s so healthy, my theory being that agriculture can simply sustain a much larger population. They were basically displaced – 100 unhealthy farmers will still beat 1 healthy hunter/gatherer.

    Basically everything nutritional advirsory boards suggest as the ‘ideal’ diet is way off based on so many factors. We should be getting the majority of food from meat – also the entire animal is important, australian aborigines before being westernised would actually discard the ‘healthy’ parts of the animal and focus on the organs in times of plenty. The rest of the diet should be vegetables, preferably hardier vegetables that do better in a colder climate. Insects if you’re interested have actually been a valuable source of nutrition in other great apes.

    You especially want to stay away from dairy, most grains, processed foods and most simple carbohydrates. Some people don’t tolerate sea food well either.

    Caveat: everybody is different. Some people have developed the ability to digest milk into adulthood because their ancestors begun drinking it 1000′s of years ago. Some people probably have ancestors that were lucky enough to have access to fruit during the ice age or developed agriculture earlier than most thereby making them able to thrive on the typical ‘healthy’ diet (even they aren’t immune to the effects given enough time and high enough consumption) etc.

    I know this is a article in of itself but people have to learn about these things and the more noise we make the better

    PS: a good immune suppressant is … Hookworm!

    I’m sure it will probably have no relevance to your situation but people who have intentionally infected themselves with hookworm – in all cases I have heard – experience a drastic reduction in allergies. Me included. I didn’t do anything in particular, just walked around in bare feet and eventually got the stereotypical rash on the leg where they had entered my body. It helps that I also moved into the bush, got some pets and started drinking water that hadnt been treated.

    There are a few studies on the issue and it’s incredibly promising. It ALSO correlates with the jump in chronic diseases/allergies in the 70’s because that’s roughly when people became obsessed with making everything sterile.

    It’s as though doctors are just beginning to realize we are animals after all and our natural habitat is probably the healthiest in most aspects.

  15. Sharon Hanna
    December 28, 2014 | 12:42 am

    I read most of your website a couple of years ago and noticed at that time there was a large gap of time with no new postings.
    Just checked back this evening and was glad to see you are still alive and kicking (and writing).
    I am interested in eating healthily and never really sure what’s best. Tried Paleo and then tried Soylent. Think I’ll go back to Paleo tho I hate to cook. Take care and keep writing!

    • Wolverine
      January 3, 2015 | 6:10 pm

      Hi Sharon. Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment (Holiday madness and family in town and all). I also apologize for my absence of any new material in a long while. I really do wish to get back to publishing new stuff, but I have had so many other things to take care of. After nearly dying several times, I now realize how short life can be and just how fast everything can go wrong.

      I only stopped publishing (haven’t had time to edit and make images and stuff). I have also been conducting a lot of investigation, because I did not want to continue to write the same things over and over. I have met several business insiders (one a retired nurse who helped in thousands of colonoscopies and the other a medical equipment distributer) who have helped me with a lot of proof of what I suspected. I think people will be shocked at just how bad this endoscope business is run.

      I thank you for checking on me. I hope you a lot of luck in finding a diet which works best for you. I know what you mean about the paleo and the amount of cooking involved. Unfortunately, I think that any good diet would require a good amount of cooking, because this processed food can make life easy, but very few people doubt that it isn’t at the core of many modern health problems.

  16. Lynette
    March 9, 2015 | 4:03 pm

    I really enjoyed reading your fascinating blog, there is so much content I will return to again and again..

    • Wolverine
      March 10, 2015 | 6:18 pm

      Thank you Lynette. I haven’t added anything new in a while, but I do hope to publishing a lot of articles I have spent the last year researching. If you have any questions, please feel free to write me.

      • Cindy C
        March 11, 2015 | 6:06 pm


        Thanks for all your research, and sharing.

        • Wolverine
          March 12, 2015 | 5:56 pm

          Thank you Cindy for stopping by and reading. I apologize to all my readers for not publishing anything new in a while. That will change. I have had a lot of deaths of people close to me (including my father who is still alive, but has had several strokes and left mentally crippled). I have been researching and writing, I just haven’t published any of them yet. There will be some shocking stuff when I do publish these articles.

          In that time, I have been contacted by some industry insiders who have provided me with the proof of everything I suspected about colonoscopies and the news was even worse than I anticipated, so be prepared for some serious shit!

          Again, I apologize. On top of many other things, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma about a year ago and needed to undergo treatments. It is in full remission at this time, but this was quite distracting and another reason I was not publishing. I thank every one for their patience and concern for my well being. I have received so many encouraging emails from readers who were concerned that I was very ill or possibly died (I can understand why they thought that). These emails meant a lot to me. Thank you all.

          • pam
            April 16, 2015 | 12:48 am

            Hi, Wolverine,

            i’m not sure where to leave this message, so here it is.

            i just learned about 3BP in “Tripping over the Truth”


            there is a youtube clip about Dr Dominic D’Agostino’s clinic

            you may also want to check about LDN. but you probably know this.

            stay healthy,

            (we’re doing well, thank you)

          • Wolverine
            April 16, 2015 | 2:46 pm

            Thank you for the links and information Pam. I will look into this much further. I am doing quite well and I hope you too are doing well. my father is in really bad condition as he has suffered several strokes since January which have left him cripple both physically and cognitively.

            It is really difficult to watch a father go through something like this, because I know he would never want to be treated this way if he still had a perfectly functioning brain. I know that he never wanted to live that way. I beleieve that a lot of needless suffering had been brought about by the doctors as they drove his cholesterol lower and lower each years since his heart attack in 2006. I am sure he would have prefered to drop dead of one massive heart attack than whither away like this. It’s extremely pitiful and no human deserves to die that way.

            Best wishes.

          • pam
            April 17, 2015 | 2:13 am

            Hi, Wolverine,

            i’m so very sorry to hear about your dad.

            do you think his strokes could be brought on by too low cholesterol?

            my grandma also had a massive stroke. then she passed away months later.

            stay healthy,

            (3BP was developed by Dr. Young Hee Ko)

          • Wolverine
            May 4, 2015 | 5:56 pm

            Hi Pam. Yes, there is little doubt in my mind that many of his problems are a result of the massive assault on his body’s ability to producee cholesterol. Doctors act as if cholesterol is some pesky chemical by-product which is toxic to us. Sometimes I believe that many of the doctors have convinced themselves of this – almost as if cholesterol is like C02, ammonia, uric acid, or something the body produces through respiration and must be gotten rid of or it will kill us.

            In truth, cholesterol is a very important antioxident and is the base for most of our hormones, the production of vitamin D, every cell membrane in our body and makes up the bulk of the brain and nervous system. In fact, 25% of your body’s cholesterol is accounted for by your brain and nerves. It is little wonder why there is such a huge association with statin drugs and memory loss (which the doctors will always blame on Alzheimer’s).

            When my father had his first heart attack six years ago and the doctors started all of that cholesterol pseudoscience, I tried my hardest to have him dump those drugs and also dump all of the wheat and other grains from his diet, but that was not going to happen. He just loved his cakes, cookies and bread too much and certainly wasn’t going to trust me over the doctors who told him to eat more grains and less meat.

            Unfortunately, it worked out about the way I feared it would. He would have been much better off to even drop dead of a massive heart attack than slowly decay the way he is doing. He has now had a stroke in ever major part of the brain and is totally confused. He requires 24 hour a day assistance and will spend his remaining days in a hospital or assisted living facility. It’s really a sad way to watch your loved one go; lingering on after everything that made them the person you knew is long gone. I thank you for your concerns.

  17. Carnivore
    April 14, 2015 | 7:31 pm

    Have you ever tried an all meat diet or zero carb diet? I know a lot of people who have benefited greatly from this, although it’s a very controversial diet as you can imagine.

  18. Lii
    July 20, 2015 | 8:37 am

    Hi Wolverine,

    Thanks for your article. I really enjoyed your replies to the ones who wanted to disagree with you. Brought even more clarity to the original article.

    I’m a high fat low carb eater. Really appreciate you taking the time to write all you did. Makes it so clear about the human digestive system.

    I hope all is well with you and your health.

    • Wolverine
      July 20, 2015 | 1:02 pm

      Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I always figure if someone is going to have an opposing opinion, that’s fine, but they better be prepared to defend it with evidence.

      I do a lot of research before publishing an article and get irritated when someone comes brashly with a descenting opinion that’s based on absolutely nothing , other than wishful thinking. This only really irritates me when they claim I don’t know what I’m talking about while they spew nothing but pseudoscience, if any science at all. Otherwise, I have no problem with different opinions.

      I guess I can get a little too rough at times, which was pointed out to me once. I still feel that I handled it properly because I felt she was a troll. I get so many vegan trolls write here that I can spot them a mile away.

      The human digestive system can be confusing, because it is unlike any other species on earth because of the fact that our ancestors cooked their food and our digestive tract adapted to this. Since cooking (and later fermenting) foods is basically a form of predigestion, powerful chewing was no longer necessary and the acid could reduce in our stomachs. We gave up the hind-gut digestion of our most ancient ancestors in order to evolve a larger set of small bowels for more absortion from the nutrient dense diet they ate. It required less energy for our digestive system, which was more energy which could be allotted to a larger brain. I find it all real fascinating.

      All of the great apes (genetically closets to humans) are hind-gut digesters and have a much smaller set of small intestines compared to a human, but they have a much, much large colon, cecum and appendix. Most of their absorption comes from the hind-gut. In fact, if you remove the colon for a chimpanzee, it will die, unlike humans, who can live fine without a colon, cecum or appendix. We relay so little on the intake from these organs they have become basically vestigial. This change came about strictly from cooking foods, both meat and vegetables.

      Losing my bowels made me learn so much more about the digestive system than I ever knew before and I was studying for a Masters in biochemistry back when I went to college in the 1980s. I have yet to scratch the surface of all I have learned and wish to write even more detailed articles on this subject I have had some major distraction recently, but hope to soon be publishing again. Thanks for writng.

  19. Ken
    September 13, 2015 | 5:28 pm

    Hi Wolverine,

    Like you, I will limit my comments to what I know from my own experience and not from what I have read or heard.

    I have been eating complete zero carb for a little over six years without interruption. I only eat beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, scallops, and eggs. My mainstay is beef. That is it for me. I eat nothing of plants. I do not take any supplements. Literally, it has been just meat and eggs for six years.

    I’m not writing to convince anyone to eat like I do. I really don’t care what other people do as long as they leave me alone. I’m writing merely to provide you with another data point from someone who knows what they’re talking about because they themselves have done it.

    I am in excellent health. I go to the doctor perhaps once a year for an annual check up. My blood tests come back within the normal range. My lipid profile is extraordinary (i.e., last time: HDL 104; triglycerides 37). I have stable energy throughout the day. I never feel hunger, but I have a strong appetite when I eat. I eat absolutely no fiber, but my bowel movements are regular and effortless. I have not ingested any Vitamin C over the past six years, but I do not have scurvy.

    According to modern-day myths, I should have died long ago because of the way I eat. The fact is, I am in much better health now than when I ate assorted foods (before, I ate “healthy” in the modern sense of the word: whole grains, plenty of veggies and fruit, lean meat, fish, etc).

    Wolverine, you have done a great thing by posting about your personal experience. Most people simply believe all the garbage feed them by the establishment, which includes most of the medical profession and government bureaucrats. Thank you for your honesty.

    • Wolverine
      September 26, 2015 | 4:54 pm

      Hi Ken. Way to go! You just keep eating everything they say will kill you and probably live to be 150. It has really surprised me how many people I have talked to believe that humans have to eat grains. Most people seem to believe that there are some nutrients that we can only get from grains. I keep telling them that if anyone was going to fail by dropping grains from their diet, it would be me. I have transplant bowels which certainly do not absorb as efficiently as native bowels do, yet I have not eaten any grains for more than 5 years.

      Here’s the real kicker, I went to clinic with my transplant surgeons about a month ago and the chief surgeon asked his coordinator what supplements I am on and he was shocked when she told him “none”. They said that every transplant recipient they have on file have to take some supplements, yet every time they have run a blood profile for nutrition on me, I am never defiant in any nutrient. I sure think this goes to prove that humans do not need grains, and why would we? No human ever ate grains until about 10,000 years ago, 20,000 tops. How could any species become dependent on a food they only began eating 10,000 years ago? They can’t.

      I appreciate the kind words and apologize for taking so long to reply. Things have been a bit crazy recently. Thanks again.

  20. Helena
    November 5, 2015 | 3:33 am

    Interesting note re ostomy bags. In UK hospital we don’t have ‘techs’ going around the wards so nurses do this before the patient is ready to start doing it themselves. it is all part and parcel of the job. We are also trained in helping with the psychological problems some people have in coming to terms with having a bag, .g.those who have not had a painful condition such as Chröhns. Nursing assistants will also be trained in changing the bags and helping the patient manage their new situation.

    • Wolverine
      November 7, 2015 | 4:14 am

      Thanks Helena for the information. I am always interested in the different ways the medical trade do things around the globe. Here in the states, or at least here in Florida (or the six different hospitals I spent time in as a short bowel patient), the initial training for the stoma and ostomy care is typically given by the wound care specialist, but then all ostomy care, or at least the dirty work of emptying the bag, measuring the stool and documenting the data is delegated to the Tech) as though these people do not have enough to do in a 12 hour shift. The nurses also have an incredible amount of work to do in their shift as well, but the work of ostomy stuff typically falls to the Tech.

      I do remember one time a very young and inexperienced nurse was instructed to empty my ostomy and I knew I was in trouble right away because I could clearly see she was holding the end of the bag at a lower elevation than my stoma was at, but before I could even let a squeak from my mouth, she quickly pulled the plug on the bag. Though she had place a container under the bag opening, it was ineffective as the pressure from the gravity shot the contents clear over the container and all over the bed. Luckily, I was quite experienced at that time and leaped out of the bed before the hydrochloric acid bath could run down and beneath my back (as a nurse, you know that those gowns lend no protection in the back). I felt bad for the young nurse, because the acid was all over her hands, but of course, the skin on the hands is far more robust and rugged than the softer tissue on our backs and buttocks and I had already experienced just how badly that stomach acid can burn.

      I believe at that time I was NPO and had been NPO for several weeks because I had a fistula which had formed between an abdominal phlegmon from an abscess and the stretch of intestine which led to my stoma, therefor allowing stool to pass into the abscess region. The doctors had suspended all drinking and eating for an indefinite period, until imaging showed that the fistula had closed.

      Of course, having both nutrition and hydration being infused, it was not necessary for me to eat or drink anything to stay alive, but that still does not mean that it is not hard to go without food and drink, even from a psychological state. Even with TPN and hydration infusion, we still get thirsty and our stomach still growls with hunger. Because of this treatment for the fistula, the acid had become quite strong in my stomach as I could feel tremendous hunger 24 hours a day, so I’m sure that acid would have burned my back really bad had I not moved swiftly. After that incident, my wife decided to take over all ostomy duties. In fact, I was able to empty and change my own ostomy without such mishaps.

      Thanks again for for the information.

  21. Helena
    November 5, 2015 | 3:59 am

    I have not finished reading your piece yet but will do so soon. Interesting comments as well. Glad I found your page.
    We did indeed, as a species, eat meat early on. Some think that this might have been one mechanism in our developing larger brains and becoming human. The human brain is a hungry beast.
    When I was a child we had very little meat and it is my belief that, like carnivores in general, we do not need to eat it every day but do need it. It gives us a lot more energy per kilo as the work of turning vegetation into good quality protein has already been done for us by the cow, sheep etc. We did not evolve to eat vegetables, just fruit, nuts and meat I think. (Except that evolution is a continuous thing and maybe we did once we learned how to cook. Most vegetables have to be cooked (ie the cellulose is damaged by the heat – remember those early biology classes when you had to dunk a piece of cabbage in hot water before you could do the iodine test on it)for us to be able to digest them at all and some are actually poisonous if eaten raw; kidney beans and casava spring to mind. The learning how to make fire and cook was also a great leap forward as it enabled mankind to make use of vegetables. (I am summarising a lot of reading here). The best and possibly only valid reason to become vegetarian or vegan to my mind is the desire not to kill and eat the flesh of another animal. As a gardener though I always apologised to the cabbage when I killed it just the same as to the chicken. Silly but there you go.

    • Wolverine
      November 7, 2015 | 5:39 am

      You’re absolutely right. As an omnivore, we do not required a steady feed of meat, but as I tried to point out in this piece, we are very well adapted to digesting meat protein and unlike vegetation (cellulose) all meat protein is reduced to solution by the time it empties from the stomach. I had learned this in school, but getting to actually see it with my own eyes certainly confirmed everything I was taught by responsible teachers rather than some of the myths and wishful thinking which can be found on the web where lies abound. There are many claims made by those with a certain agenda, to teach our young children that “your mommy is a killer” and “your daddy is a murderer” and that humans evolved as a herbivore when such information flies in the face of all recognized and peer reviewed science.

      Cellulose is impossible for any animal, including insects, to digest in any manner other than the mechanical act of chewing and grinding. Unfortunately, the human molars have ridges that are too tall for proper grinding, besides the fact that our jaw does not have the extreme side to side movement of ruminant animals who also have perfectly flat molars. Even termites cannot digest cellulose, but are dependent on bacteria in their gut to ferment the cellulose and then feed them. In fact, most modern chemicals used to kill termites are designed to attack and destroy the bacteria within the termite, rather than the insect itself. Once the bacteria in their gut is destroyed, the termite will starve to death.

      Having my own farm (and being raised on a farm for most my life) and now raising my own livestock, I also know too well that if a cow, sheep or goat’s stomach culture dies, the animal will soon follow, because they are completely dependent on the microbes in their stomach to ferment the cellulose and in turn feed them with a saturate fat in the form a short chained triglyceride called butyrate. Cows do not survive on a low fat diet because the cultures in their stomach convert fiber to fat, which is where all that saturated fat in their milk and meat is derived from. We have had ruminant animals have their cultures killed after treatments with antibiotics to clear infections. At that point, we have to inject a large bolus pill down their throat with a special device to replant probiotics into all four chambers of their stomach or the ruminant will die. Humans are not dependent on any bacteria to feeds us, we are perfectly capable of getting all of our nutrition from the food we eat, as long as it is cooked and contains some meat. In fact, much of our gut, especially the hind gut (colon, cecum, appendix) have shrunk throughout our existence as a species because we basically predigest our food through cooking or fermentation as you have pointed out. We cannot extract much nutrients from raw vegetables.

      Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions these days because anyone with a laptop computer can publish a website full of nonsense and pseudoscience and many of these are more religiously or politically motivated and written by people clueless in even basic science. As an animal, we are far better equipped to digest meat than we are at digesting and extracting nutrients from vegetation, especially uncooked. Veganism is only possible today because of technology and would have been impossible for humans even a few hundred years ago. Vegetarianism would have been possible since agriculture began because protein needs could have been met with seeds and beans, but some animal products (eggs, milk, cheese, etc.) would be needed even if only to acquire the necessary vitamin B 12 which we would die a slow miserable death without. Unfortunately, seeds and beans can become quite problematic in the long run and as you have mentioned, are very toxic in their raw state because of lectins which are destroyed by heat.

      The only protection early humans had from these toxins was the fact that these foods are also indigestible to all mammals, so there would have been no way to be exposed to the poison as any seeds or beans eaten would simply pass straight through us. This is what the plant depends on for us or some animal to eat their young and deposit it somewhere else far from the parent with a little fertilizer to go along with the effort. Even children know that corn will not digest, but joke and giggle about finding whole corn kernals on their stool, but somehow this fact has escaped some wishful adults who now believe our ancestors somehow thrived on grains and beans. Until humans learned to cook and process food, grains and beans were off the menu and I believe should still be off the human menu for optimum health. These are the genetic offspring of the parent plant and unlike fruits, are not offered up as a free lunch. They are defended by plenty of chemical warfare, which is the only weapon most plant have at their disposal.

      Fruits are meat offered up as a temptation to consume the offspring, which are indigestible to most animals and for good reason. Most fruit seeds are quite deadly carrying enough toxins to kill or render someone quite sick if one was to grind up the fruit seeds and ingest them. Eaten with the fruit, they will simply pass through us, which is what the plant needs an animal to do to spread them out over distances as not to compete for the same sunlight and soil.

      Animal parents typically sport fangs, stingers, claws or just tremendous size or brute strength which with to defend there offspring form predators. This is actually convenient for the predator, because once the parent is gone, the offspring are truly helpless — not so with plants. Those lectins can be destroyed by heat, but there are other defenses, like that of the soybean. Soy defends its young by offering them up for free only to have the babies laced with birth control pills rendering the predator sterile, unable to produce a new generations to attack the next crop of offspring. In one baby bottle full of soy baby formula is the equivalent of five (5) birth control pills worth of phytoestrogens which perfectly mimick our estrogen. With all of the soy being used in today’s processed foods (read the ingredient labels, even cans of tuna list soy as a main ingredient!), no wonder there are so many fertility problems and young boys are growing breasts.

      The Asian people historically fermented all of their soy dishes (Miso, Natto, Tempeh and soy sauce), which removes most of these anti-nutients and toxins, or reduces them considerably and unlike many believe, they did not consume mass quantities as these recipes, but were served as more of a condiment because of their strong flavors. Americans are consuming mass quantities of unfermented soybean without their knowledge and soy is not a health food as claimed and doctors have to either know this or suffer the worst case of cognitive dissonance imaginable (which is possible since I have witnessed some pretty severe cases of this in doctors). I say this because nearly every doctor seemed to know that the infused soy lipids used here in the US to supplement the TPN is made from soybean and is well known to cause full cirrhosis of the liver in TPN patients within 6 months to 2 years. I cover this well in my article “The Truth About Soy” where I personally met people who had their livers destroyed by these soy lipids and needed a liver transplant along with the bowels because of the damage from theses poisons. My wife and I were desperate to get me a transplant before such damage was done to my liver.

      I believe you said in another comment you are in the UK. In the UK and most of Europe you have access to and almost exclusively use Omegaven, a lipid formula made from fish oil which does not damage to the human liver and in fact, has been used to help patients here who have sustained liver damage from the soy crap we are given with TPN and many of those given Omegaven have had much of their liver regenerate.

      Unfortunately the FDA will not approve Omegaven for use here in the states which we all know has nothing to do with any questions of its safety, but has a lot more to do with the fact that the Omegaven patent is own by a European drug company, whereas our super awesome killing juice soy shit patent is held by an American drug company and the FDA receives plenty of incentives to keep Omegaven off the market here as it would no doubt completely destroy the sales of the killer soy shit.

      The only people who can get access to Omegaven are children (and only children) who have already sustained damage to their livers from the Intralipids (soy based poison). Even adult who have complete liver failure can still not get access to this formula. Money certainly outweighs the our lives when it comes to our trusted FDA. It’s extremely sad, but it also speaks volumes about the mythical health benefits of soy. Another lie sold to us because soy is in abundance and cheap because it is a necessary crop needed to replace nitrogen in the soil during crop rotation. What used to be a throw away plant, historically burned because no one wanted to eat it because it is indigestible and caused gastric distress, but now they have plenty of chemicals they soak it in to reduce those effects, but make it no safer to eat. Soy contains phytic acid, which chelates to minerals, rendering them non-absorbable, thereby depleting the consumer of important minerals. I could go an and on about how crappy soy is as a food product, but our food supply is unfortunately littered with it.

      Thanks for writing and for the information. Apologies for the long rant. Once I get started, especially about the soy, it’s hard to stop.

      • Bob Johnston
        November 7, 2015 | 11:04 am

        Wolverine wrote- Americans are consuming mass quantities of unfermented soybean without their knowledge and soy is not a health food as claimed and doctors have to either know this or suffer the worst case of cognitive dissonance imaginable (which is possible since I have witnessed some pretty severe cases of this in doctors).

        You’ve hit the nail on the head here – the medical profession is basically worthless when it comes to chronic disease as it pertains to diet due to mass avoidance of cognitive dissonance. When it comes down to it, doctors are taught in school that disease is caused by the lack of some drug. That can be the only case when their solutions to a chronic disease are to prescribe a drug rather than look at diet. If they don’t believe the BS that the medical schools push then they’re weeded out – only students who learn the drug solution are licensed. These doctors then spend years trying to help their patients with drugs, with very limited success. Now these doctors are probably good folks, but if you’ve spent your career believing a thing reading something different in someone’s blog, no matter how much sense it makes, will be disregarded and not given a second thought. Our minds simply cannot handle the idea that we’ve been wrong for all of our professional careers. This concept is what led Max Planck to say several hundred years ago that “Science advances one funeral at a time”, meaning even back then old guard scientists were unable to change their minds despite new evidence and ideas didn’t eveolve until the old guard died out.

        This is why I have no use for doctors today when it comes to chronic disease – I get my own lab tests done on occasion just to see how I’m doing (very well!) and I avoid the guys in lab coats like the plague. My thought is once you’re in their clutches you never get out, so I take every step I can to never develop any issues. It’s closing in on 10 years since I last saw a doctor which was for a cough I couldn’t kick. My doctor told me I had asthma and put me on a steroid inhaler – I used it for a month and noticed I was getting fat and my asthma wasn’t actually improving either. Instead of increasing the dose I started doing my own research which in turn led me to drop carbs and I haven’t had any asthma issues since then.

        So anyways, I think cognitive dissonace is the worst impediment to evolving ideas, once a person has their mind made up there’s little chance they’ll change it. We need to realize this and take our health into our own hands because we simply can’t trust the crap advice you get from the establishment medical community.

    • pam
      November 9, 2015 | 7:03 pm


      funny i thought i was the only one apologizing to all lives that die for me.


      • Lisa
        July 29, 2016 | 5:22 pm


        I’m with you and Helena, though I actually pray over my meals and thank the animal that gave its life so I could have mine. (I’m zero carb so no plant apologies, thankfully !)

  22. Jasmin
    November 5, 2015 | 2:22 pm

    Dear Wolverine,

    I just found your website via GROLLS; and I have to say, that I was relieved to see that your latest comment was from just nigh on two months ago! I thought you had stopped writing for whatever reason.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I think you are more like a phoenix. But, yeah, your attitude is TOTALLY wolverine!

    But let me address this article and share my experience with eating meat. During the weekdays, Monday through Friday, I eat only meat, eggs, and bacon; and drink copious amounts of water; along with coffee mixed with heavy cream. (I’d love to do it EVERYDAY, but my husband already thinks I’m doing myself in eating like this for 5 days a week.) Getting really scatological, I’ve discovered that my flatulence, if I have any, smell not so bad; and that my bowel movements are few, but regular.

    This past weekend, however, I prepared a ton of asparagus, brussels sprouts, and mushrooms as sides to go with brined pork chops. After the weekend blow-out with the vegetables, I have to say as politely as possible that Number 2 was painful and explosive. I NEVER experience this during the week. I never suffer from bloating or cramps; nor do I have burbs or belches. So during the weekends, when I deviate from all-meat, my digestion is just whacked, going off-kilter. End of scatology.

    On a more appreciative note, your website is jam-packed with information! Looking forward to reading all of your articles. Thanks so much for all you do.

    BTW: have you seen the latest installment of Night at the Museum, where Dan Stevens’ character mistakenly calls Hugh Jackman Huge Ackman? My husband and I watch way too many kids’ movies with our daughter!

    • Wolverine
      November 7, 2015 | 6:22 am

      Hi Jasmin. Thanks for writing. I am still alive and doing pretty well, especially considering I am the last survivor of the group of 6 who had intestinal transplants at Jackson Memorial in 2010. The only other remaining patient passed away just about 2 months ago, but I am happy to say that I am still going strong, even though I have not published any new articles in a long, long time. It is not for any health reasons that this has occurred and I do hope to again start publishing.

      Vegetable are not easily digested by our guts, especially when not well cooked. Our ancestors cooked their vegetables for many eons and we have now become quite dependent on that. Think of cooking like fermentation, sort of a predigestion of the cellulose of the plant. Plant cells have a membrane made of a wood like structure, which is actually a very dense carbohydrate which no animal on this earth can digest. Even termites depend on the bacteria in their stomachs to digest the cellulose via fermentation and then feed them with the by-product of this process. Modern pesticides actually target the bacteria within the termite, rather than the insect itself. Once the bacteria dies, the termite starves to death. Animal cell membranes are made of cholesterol which is very easily digested by the acid in our stomachs, so meat and animal products are digested before even exiting our stomach as was proven by what I saw in the ostomy bag.

      Ruminant animals, like cows, goats, sheep and many other animals which chew their cud depend on multiple stomach chambers to ferment their food and regurgitate it between each stomach to bring it back up and chew it more. We have neither the teeth, jaw power (or side to side jaw motion) nor stomach chambers to do this. As our ancient ancestors began cooking vegetables, they became more digestible and they actually were able to get more of the nutrients from the vegetables. Don’t believe any of this crap you hear about getting more from raw vegetables. The only thing you will get more of from raw veggies is indigestion and flatulence. This is because anything we cannot digest and makes it to our colon undigested will then be fermented by the bacteria in the colon, which create a lot of gas in the process. The raw veggie crowd will claim that cooking destroys important enzymes, which is true, enzymes are very heat sensitive, but their theory is crap because humans synthesize every enzyme that we need for all manner of digestion, so who cares? There is not one enzyme that we need to get from diet, so cook those veggies to get the most nutrition out of them (or ferment them, which is even better)

      There are plenty of great joke websites on the internet about vegans and their rotten farts for good reason. Hell, even vegans make jokes on their own forums about it, but if a non-vegan asks them, they will swear they are not full of gas. I have read posts on vegan forums from newbies, just converted to the lifestyle, complaining of the crippling and endless gas they suffer and the more experienced vegans will tell them that this will settle down once they adjust. More vegan lies. This type of indigestion will never go away, especially with a raw vegan diet. Unfortunately, wishful thinking cannot undo millions of years of evolution. Believe what they want, we are descended from hunter/gatherers who also cooked all of their vegetation because they weren’t stupid and realized they got more energy from cooked veggies than raw. Because of that, our hind gut shrunk, now making us dependent on cooking to get the nutrition we need from vegetation.

      Grains and beans are a different story, because we are in no way designed to eat them. People who have given up grains, as I and my wife have, find that we pay a mean price when eating them again. They will create tons of gas and bloating and make you just feel bad all the way around from the massive glucose load they provide. Since most people are raised on grains, our poor little pancreas fights our entire life to keep up with the load, but once we stop eating them, the pancreas can finally rest, no longer struggling to keep the glucose level in our blood from killing us with toxic levels, so when you eat them again, the body is unprepared and the high glucose spike can make you feel quite ill.

      Every symptom that you listed is exactly what one educated in the science of food would expect from that shift in diet. Vegetables are best for our digestion when well cooked and eaten as a side dish and not in massive quantities. We are no longer created to deal with that load of indigestible fiber and our colons are far too small to handle that load of gas created when those bacteria get a massive load of indigestible fiber. Our most ancient ancestors (which really weren’t completely human, but hominid) had much larger hind gut, much like chimpanzees, who have nearly twice as much hind gut (colon, cecum, appendix) as we do and half as much small bowel for absorption. Other apes receive about 75% of their nutrient absorption from their hind gut, where humans only get about 10% from our’s.

      In fact, if you remove a chimpanzee’s colon, they die. Many humans have their colons removed and live just fine. I only have about two feet of colon and have no problems, because through cooking vegetables and meat consumption (more nutrient dense food) we no longer had need for the massive hind gut, which is not only an energy hog, but also creates a lot of heat. There is an equation which dictates that an animal could not have an ape’s sized colon and a human sized brain because the two would create too much heat, which would become too hot and denature all the body’s proteins, causing death. Basically, our ancient ancestors traded a large hind gut for digesting vegetation for a larger brain. Of course this was not done mindfully, but incidentally, because as they ate more meat, their brains were able to grow more because of the higher nutrition of meat and the gut began to shrink because it was no longer necessary as new technologies allowed them to get more from their food.

      The more the brain grew, the more technology allowed them to get more and more from their food, basically predigesting their food and needing less internal guts to do the hard work. Thanks for the comment which was not only informative but also a bit comical, which is always welcome here.

  23. Jasmin
    November 17, 2015 | 3:50 pm

    Hi Wolverine,–Of course, you know that I meant “GNOLLS”.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I want to say congratulations on being the last survivor from the intestinal transplants at Jackson Memorial, but I admit the congratulatory note sounds off-kilter. I apologize if I sound patronizing. I just mean that everything you’ve written here is so well-thought out and argued, backed by facts and science. All your work is so valuable. As well, everyone’s comments contribute to the knowledge-base.

    But as with ideas that forego conventional wisdom, a person has to be open to the research you’ve presented. Hence the mighty battle with PETA and its ilk. Changing someone’s mind or even just showing them a different viewpoint can be a challenge.

    Thus, I keep my meat-eating regimen a secret. Only my family know of it.

  24. Dee
    October 20, 2016 | 10:46 pm

    Hi Wolverine,

    I’m from Asia..
    This is the 2nd time, in a long time that I came to re-read your articles..
    Been thinking about you once in a while.. Since the last article written was a few years ago, I’ve been wondering how you’ve been.

    However, I was rather glad to see that you’re still doing good based on your last post in Nov 2015. It’s been almost a year and I hope and pray that you are still doing well.

    What made me came back here to re-read your articles particularly this one is, I was suddenly having some fainting ache/pain on my lower left abdominal after eating and been searching to find out what it could be.

    There were suggestion that it could be diverticulitis or IBS. And that led me to find out the type of food to avoid/eat. Many suggested more fibers and less meat.
    Since I’m a meat eater and I love meat, I can’t bring myself to just eat greens. If veges are harder to digest, why recommend that instead of meat? It made not sense to me.

    So, I decided to come here and to make sure that what you had experience is what I think is more logical sense.

    Thank you again, Wolverine.
    Your experience has confirmed what I think is biologically right.

    Would be great to hear you again..
    Do take care..

    God bless.. 🙂

  25. Dee
    October 20, 2016 | 10:54 pm

    please remove this one..
    an updated version is below..

  26. Jaime Alonso
    January 28, 2017 | 12:12 am

    You know, I found your website on the 21st Google page, and it is so much better than all the PETA crap on the first one.
    Keep it up.
    I mean it.

    • Wolverine
      February 10, 2017 | 2:00 pm

      Thank you Jaime for the kind words and for commenting on the blog. “Crap” is a good word for the stuff that PETA pushes out. I don’t mind that someone wants to be a vegan and if they think it’s too cruel to animals, fine, but I can’t put up with he pseudoscience and other lies they always propagate. It’s one thing to say you want to be a vegan, but another thing to then write a bunch of crap about how humans evolved as a herbivore species when that flies in the face of any accepted science and anthropology known. Thanks again for the encouraging comment.

  27. Joe Shmow
    May 4, 2017 | 10:18 am

    How does one get to the position of needing and intestine transplant? Ive never even heard of that prior to right now.

    • Alan Low
      September 1, 2017 | 12:46 am

      Go back and read the whole fascinating blog.
      If you are at this point and have to ask that question then you have missed an enormous amount of very interesting information.
      As well, I’m sure he is sick of the endless repetition by now.

  28. AJ
    August 31, 2017 | 2:11 pm

    I’m a LCHFconvert and your page was linked on a fb site for LCHF/Keto people. I’ve spent a couple of hours reading through this article and all the comments. I am grateful that you have taken the time and effort to post your vast experiences, Wolverine. I am grateful too that you have kept the negative comments for us to see, as they are illustrative of the formidable barrier of vegan propaganda that is preventing the truth from being heard. You may be aware that many are trying to get the current SAD dietary guidelines amended to reflect the growing evidence that eating grains, starches and too much fruit is actually harmful, as is limiting animal fats. Not only is Big Food and Big Pharma conspiring to muddy the waters, but the anti-meat brigade in the form of religious dogmatic vegetarianism deeply embedded in our culture over many years. Looking at the revised dietary guidelines (from those 30-40 years ago) it becomes clear that meat has continued reducing in importance while grains and vegetables and fruit have gained more and more prominance. A precursor to expanding vegetarianism and veganism imo. A travesty for human health.

  29. rosette
    November 11, 2017 | 5:13 pm


  30. Mellie Walks
    November 18, 2017 | 4:52 am

    Wow! Incredible post. I had gut trouble my whole life, and had been diagnosed with “colitis”. While friends with this issue have gone the way of having part of their colon removed, I use a zero-carb ketogenic diet instead, and it is working very well for me!

    • Wolverine
      April 16, 2018 | 11:51 am

      That’s great news Mellie. Many recent studies have proven that high fiber diets are bad for Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s and IBS, even though many doctors still recommend a high fiber diet to their patients with these problems. I also found that gluten was very bad for colitis, so you may want to avoid any wheat or oats. Oats naturally do not have gluten, but most commercial oats are processed in the same mills as wheat and end up heavily contaminated with gluten.

      I personally believe that gluten is bad for the bowels period, not just for those with Celiac’s Disease. I feel that those with Celiac’s just have a more sensitive meter that we should pay attention to. Especially today’s semi-dwarf wheat, which accounts for about 90% of all wheat used in processed bread and cakes.

      That wheat was hybrid for higher yield and production, not for our health. As a result, it ends up ten time higher in gluten than its predecessor. Higher gluten is the desire because it makes the bread more spongy, but it is a terror to our guts. Gluten has the same Latin prefix as Glue for a reason. It is a glue. Anyone who has ever mixed wheat starch, salt and water to make paper machete for a piñatas knows how strong of an adhesive it is.

      Gluten gums up the villi of the small intestine and causes them to shrink back. This can ultimately cause a leaky gut, which is a bad thing because then large molecules can enter the blood stream causing an immune reaction. This how may allergies begin. Today’s wheat is bad. Stay away from it, if you can. I also recommend Dr. William Davis’ book “Wheat Belly” to learn more about today’s wheat and why it is bad for you.

  31. dianna
    December 17, 2017 | 5:24 am

    wow! you have been through a lot! i got diagnosed with colon cancer and ended up having to have emergency surgery because they kept giving me fluids and it ended up exploding my tumor. and so i was basically suddenly dying and so they operated and then of course i had to have chemo because when the tumor burst cells could have gone anywhere… ???

    i was in such pain and out of it that i just let it all happen. basically i stared at the wall for 3 weeks after and never researched chemo or any of it because i knew i wouldn’t do chemo if i did and my husband was so afraid that i would die if i didn’t…
    i was a vegetarian and didn’t eat sugar for most of my adult life. however i still ended up with type 1 diabetes in my 40s and i have always been thin but every since my surgery i have had diarrhea for nearly the entire 4 years.
    only recently, after stopping gluten did i stop the diarrhea.
    so i wore diapers for 3 1/2 years for nothing!
    i had already shown my diabetes Dr that i could eat just meat and cooked veggies and berries and i would’nt have to take insulin!
    they didn’t like this because it made me thin, but i had so much energy when i gave up grain that i jumped out of bed each morning and ran 2 miles barefoot by the river!
    my family, and friends and my Dr convinced me to eat grain again… and immediately i needed insulin and felt tired and couldn’t get out of bed in the morning.
    but oh no… the dr is not monitoring you. you dorks… my blood sugar was 100 nearly all the time when it wasn’t 85 and i didn’t have diabetes any more!
    that was not okay!
    i am in the process of going back to this way of eating. grains have just become not my friends. i know this and my blood sugar shows it.
    in fact, my blood sugar recently from apathy and just eating junk and not testing my blood, it had become so high that i was having muscle cramps and spasms unrelated to magnesium deficiency.
    i am instead deficient in sodium by the way… i was the only person in the hospital allowed to have salt… i was supposed to have it and i had a sodium drip for days.
    so it has been about a week of no need for diapers, and now they want to do a colonoscopy.
    AND they insist that i meet with some surgeons to talk about it beforehand.
    i am very glad i read this. i had a lot of my colon removed and i have a lot of scar tissue (they say).
    i don’t really want to do this and I’ve put it off until i just have to meet with them or my oncologist will not see me any longer.
    i guess that shouldn’t matter since i have almost 5 years cancer free
    but what about those cells that got exploded? shouldn’t i be scared?
    i don’t know.
    i still have my port
    from chemo and i like it. they no longer will resort to novacaine in my arm so they can dig without me screaming… and then the next days get so many beautiful colored bruises.
    and of course my husband is awaiting the outcome of my colonoscopy and feeling guilty he hasn’t had one yet.. he is 50.

    • Wolverine
      April 16, 2018 | 12:57 pm

      Grains have no place in the human diet. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and Alzheimer’s are called the diseases of civilization because they are only found in the remains of civilizations which had dropped the Hunter/Gatherer diet to stay in one place and rely on agriculture. That agriculture always centered on grains.

      The Egyptians are a good example. They existed on mostly grain, with very little meat. They were always believed to be healthy, but recent CTs performed on mummies revealed that many were plagued with not only horrible dental caries, but also much calcium residue in their arteries, a clear sign of heart disease and we’re talking about people who were middle aged! The wealthy Egyptians also suffered obesity and that is not something we picture, but there were clear signs of breast sagging and stretch marks which could only be caused by being overweight. They were not heathy at all. Egyptians were inundated with diabetes, obesity, cancer and even Alzheimer’s.

      Something most people don’t realize is that no mammal does well on grains. They’re really bad for carnivores, which is why we see the same diseases, including obesity, in our pets now, because most pet foods are made of grains, with beef flavoring — for carnivores, like cats and dogs! But, even herbivores fail on grains. Grains are used to fatten up cattle, but the grains also shift their rumen to an acidic environment, which is deadly for ruminant animals. Therefore the cattle must be given antibiotics or they’ll get sick and die.

      Mice and Rats are about the only animals that seem to tolerate grains fairly well, but they too get sick eating too many. Birds are the only animals that have evolved to eat seeds, which is why I always say “grains are for the birds” Birds have ways of neutralizing all of the toxins plant use to protect their young. Remember, seeds and beans are the offspring of the plant and they will defend them, unfortunately for us, plants lack teeth, claws, stingers or brute strength, so they use chemical warfare. Grains also carry a very heavy sugar load and seeds, like modern wheat, has been bred to make amylopectin A, which immediately rushes to the bloodstream, causing massive sugar spikes.

      You said you had Type 1 diabetes? My understanding is that type one is genetic, so it was nothing you ate or did. It is type 2 diabetes that is acquired. Type 2 is insulin resistance and is caused from chronically elevated blood sugar ultimately causing the cells to ignore the call of insulin.

      I wish you better health in the future. Stay away from grains and you should stay that way. Tell your husband to stsy far away from those colonoscopies. You can read what happened to me and I don’t wish that on anyone. It has been snowball effect too because the drugs needed to do an intestinal transplant also carried a high cancer risk and I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2013 and have been fighting that.

      The reason it took me so long to reply is because I recently had a bone marrow transplant and those are really rough. That’s 2 transplants for me now and thought he BMT wasn’t nearly as horrendous as the bowel transplant, it was still very hard and I ended up with pneumonia and that was right after the chemo when my immune system had been wiped clean because they had to kill all my bone marrow before planting the stem cells. I once again nearly died from the pneumonia and once again miraculously survived. Im starting to believe that I can’t be killed.

      The doctors and surgeon who performed my bowel transplant are the best in the world. They know more about intestines than any gastroenterologist ever did and yet they were making bad diagnosis with those endoscopes all the time. They told me twice it looked like my bowel was in rejection and started treatments before getting the biopsies back. Both times the biopsies came back negative for rejection, so both treatments were unnecessary. The drug they treated me with is the one that had the high cancer risk and since it destroyed 15% of my bone marrow and Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of the bone marrow, it is a pretty obvious that was what caused the cancer that will ultimately kill me (Multiple Myeloma is incurable).

      The doctors also told 2 different women that their bowels looked fine and yet the biopsies came back positive for rejection (both these women ultimately died). One woman’s intestines, both large and small, had died and turned necrotic an the doctors did 2 scopes and told her everything looked healthy. It wasn’t until she crashed and was rushed into surgery that they found her intestines were all dead.

      If those doctors cannot tell if the intestines are completely dead or not through an endoscope, I’ll never believe that some other doctor can diagnose and treat cancer using one. It’s all about making money. They don’t know what they’re looking at and just chop at anything that sticks out at them. There is absolutely no proof that a colonoscopy has ever saved anyone from colorectal cancer, There is no study that has ever been done in the U.S., because they just make the assumption and are sure it’s right.

      There is no benefit to having a colonoscopy, except to the doctor who gets about $2,000.00 to do it. There is a risk of being perforated. There are so many comments on this blog from people who lost loved ones to a colonoscopy. I just got a new comment a day or so back. A poor woman lost her husband, who was perfectly healthy, riding his bike many miles per day, but was killed by a perforated colon form a colonoscopy. He wasn’t even sick , but was just getting a routine colonoscopy because everyone is told to do so once they’re over 50. It a bunch of bullshit.

      hanks for writing and I wish you the best of health.

      • Bob Johnston
        April 17, 2018 | 1:08 am

        Dave – I agree with everything you say here with one small exception (which might just be me picking nits) – Type II diabetes probably occurs due to chronically elevated insulin, not blood sugar. Once your insulin is chronically elevated due to a bad diet high in carbs and perhaps aggravated by high levels of vegetable oils, your cells become resistant to the effects of insulin and it requires ever increasing amounts to maintain blood sugar at the level your body wants.

        I don’t know if you’re familiar with the test called HOMA-IR, but it measures insulin resistance by checking both fasting insulin and fasting blood sugar (FIxFBS/405). An elevated HOMA-IR (over 2.0) puts you in a high risk category for any chronic disease you care to mention. But the thing is that people with normal fasting blood sugar can still have extremely high HOMA-IRs, indicating that it’s likely elevated insulin that’s the problem and not the blood sugar.

        The fact that most doctors will never test their patients’ fasting insulin indicates to me that doctors are a mostly worthless bunch when it comes to the prevention of chronic disease. And I only commented about this because I think people are confused about fasting blood sugar – I know many people who have “normal” fasting blood sugar but also have cancer, T2D, heart disease, gout… you name it. But their doctors never look at their insulin, which seems criminal to me.

        • Wolverine
          April 17, 2018 | 10:54 am

          Hey Bob, yeah; you’re picking at nits, or more accurately, better defining the science. I do understand that Type 2 Diabetes is insulin resistance. It is ultimately caused by elevated levels of insulin in the blood, but what is it that causes the body to infuse so much insulin into the blood stream? High blood sugar levels, of course, so potAto, PotAHtoe.

          I agree with your suspicions of these seed oils, or FrankenOils I like to call them. That is such a heavy load of Linoleic Acid, that it has to cause massive inflammation, since Linoleic Acid if very inflammatory.

          It is so stupid the way that modern medical advice is to try to eat lots and lots of fish oil in an attempt to neutralize the effects with the anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids. It’s insane, because anyone who eats mostly processed food, especially high in condiments and dressings, is consuming such mass quantities of these fatty acids that there is not enough fish in the ocean to cancel it out.

          Instead, they are eating mostly farm raised or eating fish pills made from farm raised fish, which are grain fed. When fish are grain fed, their fat shifts to more N6 fatty acids and less N3. The doctors are too ignorant to understand that even beef can have a high N3 level when they are raised on grass and not fed grain.

          It is the grain feeding, just like the fish, which has elevated their N6 levels and lowered the N3. Grass fed beef can have as high a level of N3 as any cold water wild fish can. Grain feeding animals is what is killing us — or making us sick.

          Modern medicine will keep us alive, even when we have a deadly disease, so we live longer, but are really messed up physically and end up dependent on their medications to live. Works out well for the pharmaceutical companies who account for about 98% of all the information a doctor knows, so it is the drug companies running the show and making sure we all get bad dietary advice.

          It is similar to the way that the medical device manufactures make sure that all doctors believe in their toys and advise everyone to have colonoscopies, bronchoscopy or endoscopy so they can sell more scopes, MRI and CT machines.

          I’ll stop this rant now and thank you for the information. You’re right about doctors being worthless as far as preventing disease, but then again, preventing disease lowers their profits; treating disease is where the endless money is.

          Most people with type 2 diabetes can come off of their insulin just by changing to a low carb diet, but why would doctors want them to know that? There is a lot more money in keeping them coming back for that insulin, then later having to amputate parts off of them. There’s gold in them insulin resistant cells, so tell them to go low fat, which means a high carbohydrate diet — it’s suicide, but great for business. Thanks again.

  32. John S B
    May 12, 2018 | 8:53 am

    Wolverine……….I have just stumbled across your blog
    And it blew me away the knowledge you have of which most take for granted wicked!…….you need to come over to London as we are having veganism (if that’s a word) rammed down our throuts by the Righteous left and it’s getting on my nerves. The reason I came across your blog is a close friend has recently converted and talking all sorts of BS I will be forwarding a link to your blog with a smug grin. Keep up the good work

    • Wolverine
      July 27, 2018 | 6:42 pm

      Thank you John for stopping by and for taking the time to share your thoughts. Yeah, it has gotten pretty bad here in the states, but like everything PC, I’m sure it much worse there, especially in London — that’s like NY on steroids, right?

      Hey, I am always available to answer any of your questions, or more accurately to give you any ammunition to shoot down their flawed arguments. I had written a very long rant here, but decided I would shorten it to this and save it for a future article.

      Thanks for the kind words. I apologize for not having published anything in a long time, but I do plan to get back to this blog soon. As soon as I finish my book. I will let everyone know when that is finished and published. Maybe I can figure out a way to make sure that all of my faithful readers get a free copy of the book. Thanks again.

      • Ken
        August 29, 2018 | 12:32 pm

        Wolverine, thank you for your writings here. I am happy to hear that you are still active in the comments. It’s been a while since I visited your page — i came here today to remind myself how long your digestive track was — the jejunostomy. Wow. But I recall you writing that you were dealing with cancer, and then all the new posts ceased. Can you update us regarding the cancer? If not, no worries. I wish you much health and happiness. Thank you very much for sharing your story.

  33. Tammy Salami
    June 3, 2018 | 10:55 am

    That moment you realize that you found an awesome blog but then the comment section is probably even better than the actual blog posts and then you realize how much reading this will take haha

    • Wolverine
      July 27, 2018 | 5:35 pm

      I thank you so much for taking your time to read through all of this Tammy. I am very sorry that I haven’t published anything new in a while, though I have stayed active in the comments. There are very good reasons for all of this; too much to go into here, but I promise I will be publishing some things real soon, as well as updating the entire website.

      I actually have several different websites I am updating at this time, but I am coming around to this one very soon. I am also working on a book about everything I have been through. The problem is, my story continues to grow, so I have to keep adding to it as well as continuing to survive the unsurvivable.

      Thank you for the kinds words about the content here at my blog. Every bit of this stuff, which reads like fiction, is actually true. I have really been tame about much of it. I plan to upload many pictures that my wife took during all of that suffering. My family thought she was morbid, especially since many of the images are from times the doctors did not think I would survive the night, but I am glad she took them. They really do paint a realistic picture of what happened. I wish she would have take more video so I could have edited together a documentary.

      I originally did not want to do that for several reasons, but I realize now how important it is, because we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words and these depressing images, which I have difficult time even looking at, are probably worth a million words. Thanks again Tammy for stopping by and taking the time to give us your thoughts.

  34. Mrs Beardsley
    July 24, 2018 | 2:12 am

    Hi Wolverine!
    Excellent article.
    I am on Day 20 of my 30 day Zero Carb experiment, to see if it will help my glossitis.

    I concur with the previous comment. I will re-read all of them!

    I lost 60 lb on a keto diet and am maintaining well.


    • Wolverine
      July 27, 2018 | 5:15 pm

      Congratulations Mrs. Beardsley! 60 lbs is quite an accomplishment, but not surprising on the zero carb diet. Low carb diets have been proven to be far more sustainable than any of these other diets pushed by doctors and the media (I should probably turn that around since the doctors are more influenced by the media than visa versa. I think most people believe the opposite)

      I’m not sure if it will help with your glossitis since that can be caused by many different factors. Have you had your iron check? That’s seems to be one cause. Could be an allergy; maybe a food allergy, so it could clear up based on which foods you have dropped from your diet.

      Even though all of my doctors, from the world class transplant surgeons to the top oncologists, have never agreed with my diet. They all thought it would be suicide. The pushed lots of grains and carbs to all of the intestinal transplant recipients, so when I got out of the hospital and dumped the carbs they freaked. Especially when I dropped all grains (something they were convinced a human needs and especially one without a native small intestine). I also eat only farm fresh foods; no processed foods.

      The doctors don’t know what to think now that I have survived longer than any of the other recipients from that year, but they give me less of a hard time about it. I think I am living proof that humans do not require grains (how could we; No human ate grains for 99.9% of our existence as a species?).

      I wish you much luck and also offer any assistance I can give you. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to answering all of the emails and comments, but I do always get around to it. If something is an emergency, I will usually answer that right away, if it is tagged as an emergency.

      If you haven’t read my article “The Effect Of Sugar On Arteries”, please take the time to read it. It will really shed some light on the lies we are told about saturated fact and shows proof of the damage high sugar levels have on the arterial walls. It is all based on the fact that the doctors warned me that the high level of glucose in the TPN, which was keeping me alive, would eventually dissolve the only 6 arteries I had to infuse the TPN through. The doctors straight out said that the glucose was “caustic” to the veins. That’s a pretty strong word, usually used in relation to powerful and destructive acids, but that is what sugar is like to our artery walls. Thanks again for sharing.

  35. Nelson Carvalho
    August 12, 2018 | 11:14 am

    Your article made you my favorite Wolverine .. lol but yea ima try the carnivore diet because I had diverticulitis recently and my intestines feel like crap.. I been getting good information from people like you.. your opinion where should I look for additional information? Plz and thanks

  36. Sarah Wright
    September 9, 2018 | 7:30 am

    Hi Wolverine.
    I am a member of the carnivore community which is rapidly growing, and I want to thank you for writing this article.
    You are quite the legend in the “strict meat only diet” facebook groups and your article is shared regularly to help people understand that meat is great, digestible, food.

  37. Bo
    January 18, 2019 | 2:01 am

    Hi wolverine

    I wonder, how are you feeling these days after a few years of eating meat? I hope too feel well. Thanks

  38. Digby
    July 8, 2019 | 6:47 am

    Nothing like actual experience. I appreciate this detailed look at what you see everyday of digestion. I’m amazed that the medical profession is not more aware and attentive to these facts. Truth just doesn’t get the same level of attention as the nonsense being pushed by the greedy. Thank you for sharing your hard won knowledge.

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