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Is Your Surgeon Licensed? Are You Sure?

The mug seen in the poster is the surgeon that nearly cost me my life, Karl Hagen.  This rant is not intended as simply a personal attack on a single surgeon, but I am using his story as an example of a very real problem that could affect you or your family.  Until recently, I…


Why Are Intestinal Transplants Such A Secret?

I have been very saddened by a series of emails I have been receiving recently. Some of these messages have been left in the comments, but I felt that their stories deserve more attention.  Many people are suffering and dying because of the lack of information concerning intestinal transplants.  If you have never heard of…


Malpractice Law: Reserved For Only The Frivolous

It was only after I had created the image above that I remembered that George Washington was indeed killed by a doctor’s mistake.  He was bled to death during the treatment of Bloodletting, which was believed at the time to help balance the body’s fluids or “humors” and was about as effective at treating disease…