The Unasked Questions About School Shootings (Sandy Hook)


I have been working on several articles, two of which I hoped to release in the next week.  Unfortunately, I have put them on hold for a couple of days in order to write this very controversial post concerning the debates that will no doubt rage throughout the holiday season, because of the horrific shootings that happened in Newtown, Connecticut last week.

These kinds of crimes simply boggle the mind and leave everyone with their jaws agape, trying to make some sort of sense out of such an event.  So, everyone does exactly what they always do in these situations, which is why they continue to happen.  The media rushes in and plasters the identity of the shooter across the global satellites, when this type infamy was likely his motive and sends a clear advertisement to the next wacko who is seeking attention, that he too will be martyred (which is why I refuse to mention his name in this article).

And though the media will make this killer as notorious as he wished to be, there is no need for a criminal investigation, because the politicians have already convicted the firearm as the responsible party, the shooter was just another victim of the easy access to guns.  Blaming the gun, or more accurately, the freedom to attain guns as the reason for these crimes is not only misplaced justice, but is not even asking the right question.  The question should be;  what would make someone want to shoot and kill defenseless children, irregardless of the weapon they use?   Is it strictly access to firearms that is the root cause of all of these school shootings?

Americans have had access to guns ever since the American Revolution and there are far more gun restrictions now than there ever was in U.S. History, and Connecticut has some of the strictest.   Why have we never seen these type of senseless shooting sprees (without motive) prior to the last 20 years?  Billy The Kid, Jesse James and John Wesley Hardin did not shoot as many people in their entire criminal career as this nut-job killed in one day.   One argument says that it is because people now have access to more powerful weapons which can fire large capacity magazines.   Is this truly the cause?

In the 1920s, just about anyone could walk into a Hardware Store and purchase a Thompson submachine gun (which could hold 100 rounds of .45 ACP ammunition in its drum magazine and was FULLY automatic).  “Tommy Guns” were used in the “Saint Valentines Day Massacre“, where it is said that some of the victims were nearly cut in half by the enormous spray of bullets.  Bonnie and Clyde prefered to use the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle), which had the capability of shredding through the heavy iron in cars of that period with its .30-06 rounds.   So the idea that today’s weapon are more powerful and capable of a higher rate of fire is a completely erroneous one.

But even though their were bloody shootings in those times, all of the crimes committed had very clear motives.  They were either based on greed (robbing banks or trains) or fights over gangland territory – never just for the execution of unarmed children, followed by the suicide of the shooter.  If automatic guns were truly the source of the problem, then we would have expected to see similar school shootings/suicide from the periods of 1890s to the 1930s.  Most of the violent crime from 1920 till 1933 was the result of the prohibition on alcohol.  This prohibition actually increased crime in the 1920s in the same way that the “War On Drugs” not only helped to create an underworld, but has increased the size and power of such organized crime and placed more drugs on the street as a result – but I’m sure that the prohibition of guns will not have that same effect.

The school shooting/suicide that we see today are unlike any crime we have seen in the past.  These shootings are completely senseless – the work of an animalistic and suicidal mind.  So the other proposal that has been talked about all week has been government offering better care for the mentally ill.  Yet again, we have always had mentally ill people here in the U.S., yet we have never seen these type of wholesale murders, with no apparent motive, happen with such frequency.  Why does this new brand of mental illness seem even crazier than before?  We should be looking for something new – something that did not exist more than 30 years ago.  There is one difference that has yet to be discussed by any politician or anyone in media – and for good reason.

Though the politicians and media will bring the gun control debate straight to the headlines, it will be many months from now, when the people have lost interest in the story, that the real truth will slip its way onto page 14 of a paper or news website.   This is what has happened in every other shooting.   In over 90% of these completely senseless shootings, it is later found that the perpetrators were not only mentally unstable, but had been on antidepressants, mainly SSRI medications, for many years prior to going totally apeshit.

Please click on this link to see a list of school shooters and what antidepressants they were taking.  That’s a pretty comprehensive list – and much longer than expected, wasn’t it (around 4,800)?    All SSRI medications list the possibility of suicidal tendencies as a side effect and research has shown that these suicidal effects are much more pronounce in the younger patients that take them.  Seniors have the least negative effects, but the younger the patient, the stronger the thoughts of suicide tend to be.  Some of these shooters had stopped taking their SSRI, which are highly addictive drugs and can cause greater difficulties when sudden cessation of the drug is attempted.  A person on these drugs must be removed from them gradually or really bad things can result.

Absence of these mind-altering drugs seems to be the only marked difference between killers of the past and these modern school shooter/suicide killers, whose actions of violence are totally mindless and suicidal. When these kids start mixing these pharmaceutical monsters with alcohol or illegal street drugs, like methanphetamines or Bath Salts,  you have a real recipe for death and mayhem.  The fact that this most recent shooting incident has created a knee-jerk outcry for better mental health care, means that the pharmaceutical companies will have more funding with which to create even more potent antidepressant drugs.

The correlation between these drugs and the total mental meltdowns we see are so strong that it begs the question, why is no one in the media, or the crying President, talking about this possible connection?   Pharmaceutical conglomerates are major sponsors of the news media.  Have you ever noticed the thousands of pharmaceutical advertisements inundating the local and national news media?  Since when does anyone in the media speak ill about the practices of the pharmaceutical companies or the ease with which doctors prescribe these medications to children?

Because doctors have been elevated to a god-like status in our country, these drugs are always considered the solution to the problem, so people are incapable of considering them as a contributing factor (cognitive dissonance).   The national media will always toss guns into the center of the debate while everyone’s emotions are running high, thereby putting up a smokescreen to where the real truth lies – because guns frighten people and prescription drugs don’t – even though you have a 6,200% better chance of being killed by a doctor than you do a gun.  290 people are killed each day in the U.S. by prescription drugs, and that only includes direct deaths from the drugs, not the deaths of those who may be killed by the one under their influence (shooter, driver, etc..).  In order for gun deaths to eclipse the deaths from pharmaceuticals, there would have to be an Aurora, Colorado, Batman movie massacre take place every hour of every day, 365 days a year.

The pharmaceutical companies contribute millions of dollars to elected officials and until one of their concoctions kills thousands of people in a way that can no longer be hidden, then, and only then, will the FDA reluctantly pull one of their poisons from the shelves.  The drug Vioxx killed nearly 60,000 people before the FDA finally took action.  It is in the best interest of the pharmaceutical giants to protect the doctors, because it is only through the doctor’s license that their chemicals are distributed.  Just between the years 1996 to 1997 the amount of children on antidepressants rose from 8,000 to over 40,000 and nowadays number continues to rise.  There has no long-term study on the effects of these drugs on the developing brain of a child (mostly adult studies).  These SSRIs are being handed out like candy on Halloween and not just by psychologists, but even General Practitioners have gotten into the act.  These drugs are not only easy to get, but doctors seem to insist on everyone taking them.  Here are just some of my experiences:

All of the intestinal transplant recipients were automatically placed on antidepressants (Prozac), because the doctors claim that 100% of them go into depression  (I found that most people will take whatever a doctor gives them, so all of the other patients I know still take the antidepressants).  When I refused them, a nurse told my wife that I was showing “classic signs of depression” (why does a nurse feel she can diagnose that?).  Next, they secretly sent in a psychologist to examine me.  The shrink found that I was not depressed and they finally got off of my back.  I told them that I knew I wasn’t depressed, because if anything, I have high anxiety (probably from being cooped up in a hospital for more than a year) and they told me that the SSRIs would help with the anxiety also and still attempted to give them to me.

What?  It seems like anxiety and depression are like polar opposites, yet, somehow this magical elixir can cure both.  Years before I met my wife, she told me she had went to a doctor simply to get a blood work-up.  The doctor ran the blood test and told her she was healthy, but then suggested that he write her a prescription for SSIRs.  When she refused, he began to ask her personal questions – just digging for a reason to give her the antidepressants.  She became offended by his questioning and never went back to that doctor.

I still suffer some chronic abdominal pain (most likely caused by surgical adhesions).  When I described the pain to my primary physician, she wrote me a prescription for Prozac.  I figured she was insinuating that the pain was all in my head, but she claimed that antidepressants also have pain relieving properties (what can’t they do?).  Of course, I refused the medication.  She then offered to write my wife a prescription for SSRIs, just because she was in the office with me – I am not kidding.  She thought that my wife could use them because of all the stress she went through while I was in the hospital, yet my wife never asked for them, nor did she accept the offer.  This is how easy it is to get these drugs.  Doctors seem to automatically place everyone on them for any reason.   It would certainly appear that there is some sort of incentive for doctors to write scripts for these pharmaceuticals.

Any child diagnosed with ADHD will ultimately end up on these SSRIs.  Children, especially teenagers, can go through a lot of mood changes – it’s called adolescence.  No one gave us drugs for that when I was young.  As a matter of fact, one of the best drummers I was in a   band with was a guy who was very hyperactive as a child.  He had trouble paying attention in school, because of the ridiculous amount of energy he had.  In today’s time they would say he had ADHD and placed him on drugs.  Back in the 1970s, the doctor told his mother to get him into sports or buy him a drum set, so they bought the drums.  He had been beating on those things since he was eight years old and damn, did he get good – and had endless stamina.  That’s how they dealt with children back then, they tried to turn a negative to a positive – now we give them drugs and turn them into killers.

I have been doing a lot of research on this subject, even prior to the recent shooting.   I have a grand-nephew who has been diagnosed with ADHD and is always getting sent home from school.  I have a suspicion that his behavioral problems could stem from a wheat allergy, which seems to run in my family.  I have seen him at family functions perfectly behaved until about twenty minutes after stuffing his face with tons of bread, cakes, pies or cookies.  At that point he becomes a terror – totally out of control and unable to listen to authority – like someone on drugs.  I know that all children love cookies and cakes, because I have 2 nephews, 6 nieces, 3 grand nephews and 2 grand nieces, but his craving for wheat is unlike anything I have seen in any of the other children.  It is not just for sweets, he can’t get enough bread, and if he is not watched, he will eat an entire meal in bread.

Some studies have shown that a wheat protein called gliadin can cross the blood-brain-barrier and bind to opiate receptors in the brain (please read here for much more detail from Dr. William Davis on gliadin).  This protein in the wheat can cause the addiction that some people suffer when trying to quit.  My sister (my grand-nephew’s grandmother) claims that she had a horrible addiction to wheat and literally suffered drug-like withdrawals while trying to quit, including cravings.  I have a friend whose daughter is autistic and he claimed that her condition improved greatly after her doctors took her off of gluten.  So, I asked my niece to at least try to remove her son from wheat and see if he improved before submitting him to a life of drugs.  Of course, her doctors insisted on the drugs and that seemed a lot easier to her.  He is only eight years old and already on some mind-controlling drug.  How many years will they be effective before he needs a stronger drug?   All of these behavioral drugs have proven to be very addictive and become les s effective over time, thereby making it necessary to increase the dose or move to a stronger drug.

I’m not sure if he is on Ritalin, but it is some drug similar to Ritalin.  From articles I have read, many of these shooters started out on drugs like Ritalin when they were very young.   By the time they were 14 to 16, they needed to be placed on much stronger behavioral drugs, like Prozac or some other SSRI.  There are more than four times the amount of children on these drugs now than there was just ten years ago.  Are we to believe that the entire human race has suddenly become depressed and in need of these modern drugs?  Has the human race suddenly become deficient in Prozac?   If these drugs were actually warranted and effective, then we would expect to find that all of these shooters were people who were not on SSIRs and that all the children on them were functioning citizens.   I could accept the fact that a very small percentage of the population may benefit from some of these drugs, but there are millions of people taking these concoctions and many of them started taking them as children.  I believe that they are over-prescribed and in many cases just an easier way for parents to handle their children than proper discipline, exercise and a healthy diet.

There certainly seems to be a pattern emerging, but the media ignores it and the President and other politicians could care less, because they only use tragedies to further political agendas – never solutions that would actually reduce or stop the problem.  After 9/11, every politician ran to push forward some bill that expanded government power and robbed us of more liberties – usually some bill that they had been unsuccessfully hawking for years, including a national ID card.  Something as unconstitutional as the “Patriot Act” (completely shredding the 4th ammendment) could not have passed had it not been pushed through while emotions were high following the attacks of 9/11.  No one can exploit a tragedy like a government can.

Even though there is quite a history now of school shooters who were life-long pharmaceutical addicts, it will be completely ignored by the authorities and the media. Obama will use this tragedy to pen an executive order and force another ban on some semiautomatic assault weapons, which will do absolutely nothing to slow down these school shootings.  When the next shooting transpires, the entire media circus will start again and they will find a new gun to blame for the shooting and more money will be dumped towards mental health medications, which will be shoved down the children’s throats before any long-term testing will be performed.

I am not trying to make any political statement on guns here, so don’t start littering my comments with anti-gun propaganda.  I am only pointing out that the politicians are not out to fix the problem.  They seize these opportunities to further party agendas and in this particular case, it’s gun control.  After 9/11 it was personal privacy that was targeted (because the hijackers used box cutters.  Had they used guns, then guns would have also been targeted).  I guarantee you that a ban on semiautomatic rifles will not make this problem go away as long as these children’s minds are being twisted by these SSRI drugs of the pharmaceutical companies or the withdrawal from them.  The same way that any kid can get their hands on any illegal drug if they wish, they will always be able to gain access to guns or other weapons if they so desire – no matter how many laws you write.  The U.S. spends billions of dollars per year attempting to enforce the drug laws, yet any teenager knows where they can score drugs if they want them.  Stop kidding yourself about the wonders of contraband and how ineffective we are at enforcing the laws that already exist.

Just like with my grand-nephew, many of these problems start with food allergies and poor health from the horrible American diet of processed foods.  If these highly inflammatory foods, loaded with MSG, aspartame and other exitotoxins are not damaging enough on their little developing minds and nervous system, we then begin shoving highly addictive and mind altering pharmaceuticals into their mouths at very young ages.  I expect the problem to get much worse, no matter how many weapons we ban.  Any weapon is only as dangerous as the mind that wields it.  As modern food, environmental toxins and pharmaceutical drugs continue to get worse and worse, we may see a level of crazy scarier than anything we have seen to date.  That one psycho in Miami that ate the face off a homeless guy is just a taste of where we may be headed if everyone continues to ignore the real source of the problem and continues to trust these doctors and pharmaceutical companies to make your children behave.  That zombie guy didn’t need a gun.  He was so insane that he simply used his teeth.

Let’s face it, the mind that would shoot other innocent children in such a horrific nature as we have seen in recent years, is not a mind that has gone mad by any natural means.  We are seeing mental illness on a whole new level not seen since Vlad The Impaler or fictional bad men like Hannibal Lecter.   I could be wrong, but I believe that they will find that this latest crazed idiot had been on these antidepressants since he was as young as the children he targeted.  So far, the history of these type shootings have proven that to be the case.

16 Responses to The Unasked Questions About School Shootings (Sandy Hook)
  1. Lp johnson
    December 21, 2012 | 8:02 am

    Your message is important so I forwarded your post to family. Our children need to be taught how to deal with reality, and our current public education system is not a good fit for a lot if kids.
    There was a study published relatively recently where researchers found that injecting ladies with Botox so they couldn’t frown had a much higher rate of success than antidepressants.

    • Wolverine
      December 21, 2012 | 3:17 pm

      Thank you for passing it on. I think this needs to at least be added to the debate and yet I have found no one talking about it in the mainstream press. The only mainstream celebrity that I saw taking about how antidepressants were common to all these school shootings was surprisingly a video by Micheal Moore. I was a bit shocked, because he made his fame pointing the blame for Columbine solely on gun access. It seems he has changed his view based on these comments:

      How come no one in the 1970s needed these drugs? If people don’t want to spend the time to be good attentive parents, they shouldn’t have kids. Just drug the hell out of them and dump them in day care – that’s today’s idea of parenting. Looking to the government, doctors and corporations for solutions will get you just what we’re seeing now. Thanks again for helping to spread this argument around. We’ll never see it on the mainstream news, so thank goodness for the Internet.

  2. CCM
    December 21, 2012 | 1:06 pm

    Nice post, Wolverine. Lots of questions about the latest shooting – and as usual no truth from the mainstream media. In addition to the harm of psychotropic meds, we should look at what makes mental illness. Could it be the government Food Guidelines, with its emphasis on grains and warnings against animal fats? Cholesterol makes up over half of our brains and is critical for healthy mental function. “Thinking” is as much a biological process as moving, breathing, digesting, etc. and if our brains are not properly fed then no wonder our behavior is out of control. Julia Ross’ book has been highly recommended for people seeking nutritional remedies for mental illness.

    • Wolverine
      December 21, 2012 | 2:22 pm

      Thanks Chan, I certainly believe that it begins because of the poor diet situation in America. My niece did not want to hear anything about changing her son’s diet. Like many young parents, she’s a working mom, who also likes to go out and party with her friends, like a teenager. A better diet would mean preparing traditional foods, which take time and care. Instead, she can just shove some processed boxed food into the microwave or order a pizza and call it dinner.

      She wouldn’t entertain the idea of changing his diet, when the doctors where offering the simple solution of a pill that would calm him down. But I really fear for him. He is the first of any of my nieces or nephews to be placed on these kind of drugs and at such a young age (8). He has a very violent temper and these pills just suppress it. Since I have done so much study about these school shooter/suicides and found that they were all on these drugs since they were kids, I cringed when she put him on those drugs. I believe that it is the diets low in fat and high in sugars and excitotoxins that start the behavior problems, but then theses children are placed on these SSRI drugs and really bad things begin to happen in the brain.

      We have certainly not seen the last of these shootings. The government will ban some gun and the people will all feel safe again, until the next shooting. Problem is, each killer has to do something more sinister and twisted than the last, if they want to get the media attention on their deeds. Timothy McVeigh didn’t need a gun to kill innocent children, so if the real problem isn’t addressed, these killings will continue, even if they ban all guns. The pharmaceutical companies are just too powerful and Americans trust doctors far too much to see any investigation into this cycle, so my hopes for a less violent future are not very high.

      • Jean
        January 11, 2013 | 12:39 pm

        I’d also point out that McVeigh wasn’t (according to what I’ve read) targetign the children – he targeted a building which had children in it. It’s a little like Jihadis hiding inside a hospital, using the sick as shields.
        Not sure McVeigh deserves any consideration, but OTOH, there’s the tinfoil-hat brigade saying he was a setup, too.
        And since Aurora and Connecticut both have similar details “off”, it’s certainly possible these are “false flag” ops, to domesticate us wild Americans to global rule.

        Incidentally, if you haven’t, check out the UN proposition 21, especially; and look into what they actually advocate. Killing a shitload of humans is just the start, and is to a level Hitler and Stalin combined wouldn’t think of.

        Also, sort of a low blow mentioning Vlad the Impaler, named Tepes, called Dracula (Son of the Dragon). He grew up a political prisoner of the Turks, and when he ascended the throne of Wallachia to be their puppet, decided he wouldn’t play ball. So his “atrocities” had some justification, as they solidified his rule. We see them as evil, possibly rightly so; but not too different from his opponents, to put it in historical perspective. 😉
        think of it this way (and this applies to our coming war as well): The food is poisoned and controlled. The air is toxic, and water is drugged. Weapons are outlawed (By executive order at that.)
        Is there ANY level not acceptable to destroy this sort of evil? I say no – target families, target homes, target material assets. Burn them to death, make them watch family members die – and then leave them crippled and shattered, but alive, to remember…
        They do it to us. If they observed the rules of warfare, we would, too. But Geneva Conventions don’t apply to irregulars, only to uniformed combatants – and still only works if BOTH sides follow that code.

      • Ella
        March 2, 2013 | 5:49 pm

        Great post.

        From a European perspective, (and a personal viewpoint), it is absolutely mind-boggling why anyone would want to own a gun unless it is used for hunting. How many people are shot and killed every year in your country? In mine, it was 3 a few years ago. I don’t have the 2012 data, sorry. The “guns don’t kill, people do” is such a ridiculous excuse – I am already getting really worked up over this, after only 2 sentences. Let’s leave this to one side.

        Bad diet is the cause of (I dare say) most to all modern diseases and treating illnesses with some form of medication is the most profitable industry of all. Which pharma company actually invests or researches causes of diseases, instead of treatments for symptoms? A treatment is not a cure, not necessarily. But hey, there is no money to be made from curing illness, just fewer people to treat. Read, less money to make.

        It’s a scary world we live in, especially if we listen to the “experts”. Well, the ones that shout the loudest or have the most money to spend on advertising anyway. At the end of the day, one can only decide for themself what works for them health-wise. Educate yourself, instead of letting others tell you what you should eat, simply because they are a so-called expert. The Weston A. Price foundation is a good place to start, and luckily, there are many other people out there who are able to shed an honest (non-profitable) light on the topic of food and health and how they are connected.

        A close family member of mine has suffered with chronic constipation for years. Her doctor put her on a low fat diet, high carb (grain-based) diet and supplemented it with a synthetic fibre drink.
        When she visited for a week, I fed her a high protein, high fat, low carb diet – I mean butter, full fat cream and fresh milk, big pieces of steak, eggs, fried bacon – you name it. I didn’t tell her about the full fat part btw, she thought I was using rancid vegetable oils and skim milk.

        After 4 or 5 days, she mentioned how much easier it was to go to the toilet. I high-fived myself in the kitchen with a big grin on my face and suggested that she change her eating habits. And I suggested she find a nutritionist who could help her set up a sustainable diet, constipation free.

        She went back to her doctor and told him what had happened while visiting us. He dismissed it, said that most nutritionists don’t know what they’re talking about anyway (they just want to make a buck) and then he gave her a new prescription and urged her to start eating more grains and rice and less dairy, because “that’s what your body needs”…

        I am speechless.

        I suppose I was succesful in a way, I convinced her to start using coconut oil. Altough her doctor probably told her not to use it…

        • Wolverine
          March 3, 2013 | 12:00 am

          Yes, it’s best to leave the gun control argument for somewhere else, as I mentioned in the post, this is not a post about gun rights and it doesn’t matter where you stand on the gun issue, the fact that every mass shooter in recent years (in the U.S.) were on antidepressants, especially the SSRI meds, cannot be overlooked. (BTW, I own quite a collection of firearms, so I guess I boggle your mind)

          Although we may disagree on those issues, (and we’ll leave it at that) I do agree about the horrible modern diet causing many health problems – even mental health issues, though few people will admit this. A low fat diet, does and can lead to depression. It has been proven that low cholesterol is associated with depression (most of the human hormones are made from cholesterol and without it, these hormones cannot be manufactured.)

          The Weston A. Price Foundation is a good place to start, but I do have some differences of opinion with them, because they still push a lot of grains and breads, which I believe are not important for human health and in fact can be quite problematic for many – especially gluten and gliading. When I was suffering with UC, I tried the WAPF diet with little luck, because the autoimmune response was being triggered by wheat gluten.

          Doctors are programmed to think that way. They simply parrot what the media tells them (whole healthy grains+low fat=great health) and when the person’s health fails, they blame it on the patient and hand them a prescription. Good health comes from little brown bottles in their world and the more little brown bottle you have in your medicine chest, the healthier you are. Of course anyone with a functioning brain knows it is just the opposite. The more meds you are on, the sicker you must be.

          Treatments are better than cures, at least in the business world. If you’re cured, you longer need a doctor or pharmaceuticals. If they can keep you sick and dependent on medication, they have a customer for life. I believe this is why intestinal transplants are kept a secret, even from most doctors, because it is a cure for short bowel syndrome. Otherwise, they can keep them on daily infusions of TPN at $200 dollars a day for the rest of their life, which will be short, because TPN also ultimately kills the patient. It’s quite diabolical.

          If you wish to reply, then fine, but I’ll warn you once: this is not a post about gun right, so if you write a response filled with your political view on guns, I will not approve it. Why? Because that is not the purpose of this article – it’s about SSRIs and the low fat diet dogma. If I ever publish a rant about gun rights and the second amendment, then you may interject your opinion on guns there. I do not want this article’s comments to turn into a gun debate – it is a very hot issue here in the states, with strong opinions on both sides of the issue and these comments will go down in flames if I let it get started. Thank you for your comment.

          • Ella
            March 3, 2013 | 4:53 am

            You’re absolutely right. I have never taken a stand or argued either side for or against “the right to own guns” (outside of voicing my personal viewpoint and my ‘live and let live’ motto) and this is certainly not the place for it. I apologize if it came across like that, because that was certainly not my intention. Believe me when I say that getting involved in such a conversation is the last thing I want to do, so to speak.

            However, I do feel very strongly about being healthy and I enjoyed reading a post which conveys a lot of the same ideas I have and write about on my blog.

            Yes, I also agree that grain is not neccesarily good for the gut, and I have cut my intake of them by about 90%. I suppose that is what I was trying to say, everyone needs to figure our what works for them, instead of blindly trusting the “experts” – simply because we are programmed to do so – to use your wording.

            Good luck with your health and further writings.

          • Wolverine
            March 3, 2013 | 4:21 pm

            No problem. I just didn’t want others to join in and start a long debate on that issue, so I let everyone know that I wouldn’t approve any more comments concerning gun rights.

            I appreciate your thoughts on diet. I wish these doctors would be held more accountable for the things they do. The authorities never even acknowledge their role in these tragedies. Thanks again.

  3. Carolyn
    December 21, 2012 | 6:48 pm

    I agree with you 100%. Even though I don’t own a gun or want one either, I don’t believe additional gun control legislation is the answer. I empathize with those suffering from mental illness but don’t believe additional drugs are the answer either, especially for young children. When I was really sick 1-1/2 years ago with numerous drain tubes coming out of my abdomen and being on TPN, my GI doctor asked me if I needed antidepressants to deal with it all. I said no–the last thing I wanted was another pill. Most side effects are worse than the actual problem the drug is supposed to help with. SSRI’s are powerful meds and should not be given to kids while their brains are developing. There just has to be a better solution but the media and the government are unwilling to take on the pharmaceutical industry. Until they do, this problem is not going away and will most likely get worse.

    • Wolverine
      December 21, 2012 | 8:54 pm

      Thanks for your thoughts Carolyn. I believe that doctors think that everyone should be on these SSRIs. The doctors were telling me that I would need antidepressants after the transplant, even before I had the operation. There are several unnecessary drugs that they automatically place transplant recipients on including PPIs, anticoagulants, antidepressants and some others I can’t recall right now. Before the transplant my wife and I were given a pamphlet listing over 24 different drugs (I believe that some of them were vitamin and mineral supplements).

      I began to question all of the drugs they were prescribing after the transplant and realized that there were actually only two medications that I truly needed to survive. I was able to drop all of the others. It’s been nearly three years since the transplant and I have had less complications than any of the other recipients. But, the doctors believe that good health comes from little brown bottles, so the more of those you have on the night stand, the healthier you must be. I believe the opposite and so far I have kind of proven that many of those drugs are unnecessary and possibly more damaging.

      Many of the other patients are actually taking drugs that treat the side-effects of other drugs, then need more drugs to cover those side-effects. It’s really quite insane, but helps to explain why the average amount of prescription drugs taken by Americans is eight to ten medications (not including OTC drugs).

      I was dependent on full time TPN for over six months, so I know what you went through and it is really tough. I’m glad you didn’t let them put you on the SSRIs, because most people become dependent on them and lose the ability to feel good without them – ever again. I think they screw up the body’s ability to create dopamine or messes up the dopamine receptors. This is why I wouldn’t touch them. I think they are more dangerous than narcotics, but the doctors treat them as if they are much safer than narcotics.

      • Jean
        January 11, 2013 | 12:43 pm

        But, the doctors believe that good health comes from little brown bottles, so the more of those you have on the night stand, the healthier you must be. I believe the opposite and so far I have kind of proven that many of those drugs are unnecessary and possibly more damaging.

        100% correct. the body looks to use things in a certain (natural) way. cramming in 100% of all your necessary vitamins and minerals in a pill doesn’t remove the need to eat, nor does it guarantee the absorption of same, let alone account for synergistic or (opposite of synergistic – interfering?) effects.
        But there’s no MONEY made in the TRUTH…

  4. Krystal Williams
    December 21, 2012 | 6:53 pm

    This was such an insightful post, Dave. It’s so funny, because my husband and I were talking about the Newtown shooting the other day, and I brought up the fact that no one was discussing this type of behavior from a nutritional standpoint.

    There was another shooting a while back (I don’t remember which one specifically), where a woman testified, saying that she knew the shooter. And she said something to the effect of, “I knew so-and-so. He was friends with my son. He would come over to my house and I would give them Doritos and soda, and they would just hang out and play video games and watch TV and have a good time. He just seemed like a regular kid.” But, of course, so few people zero in on the fact that it is VERY possible that this shooter and others like him were dealing with suboptimal mental health because of their poor nutritional choices. And because of their poor diets, they ended up on pharmaceuticals and/or displaying homicidal/suicidal behaviors.

    When I read your post, I immediately thought of Weston Price’s account of the Swiss in the Loetschental Valley, whose diet consisted of real, whole, unprocessed foods. Here are two quotes from Nutrition and Physical Degeneration about these people:
    “They have neither policeman nor jail, because they have no need for them.” (24)
    “One immediately wonders if there is not something in the life-giving vitamins and minerals of the food that builds not only great physical structures within which their souls reside, but builds minds and hearts capable of a higher type of manhood in which the material values of life are made secondary to individual character.” (27)
    Price clearly believed that their superior nutrition had something to do with their mental and spiritual health as well as their physical health.

    And I’ve seen this to be true in my own life. When my nutrition is good, I not only feel better, I think better. My mental clarity is heightened. My moods are better. My entire sense of well-being — physical, mental, and spiritual — is elevated when my nutrition is optimal. But when I go through stretches when my diet is less than optimal, everything suffers. Everything. Not only do I not feel as well physically, but my mind is foggy. My mood is crap. And I just feel bad. Of course, my psychological processes have never broken down to the point that these individual shooters’ have. But, I can say that I’ve experienced, at least to a moderate degree, what happens to a person — emotionally and psychologically — when nutrition and physical health are at suboptimal levels. It’s a profound but obvious observation that no one seems to be paying enough attention to.

    I also like how you addressed other facets that contribute to the problem as a whole, too, like the role of the media, doctors, and parents. I think religious people want to say that this is completely spiritual. I think nutritionists want to say that it’s completely nutritional. I think anti-gun folks want to say it’s solely the availability of guns. But I think that a more comprehensive look at the problem, such as the way you came at it, is not only more helpful, but necessary, if we wish to address the root causes of this problem.

    Great post as always, my friend. ((HUG))

    • Wolverine
      December 21, 2012 | 11:06 pm

      It’s great to hear from you again Krystal. If this nation does not get off of this low-fat processed food craze, we’ll see a much worse degeneration. I agree with you that poor physical health from diet would also cause poor mental health. Since the human brain accounts for 25% of the body’s cholesterol, I’m not sure how a child’s brain can possibly develop properly with everything, starting with soy baby formula, is so low in dietary fat and cholesterol

      Low fat diets have been proven to cause depression as this article in Psychology today illustrates:

      Rather than introduce some healthy fat into their diets, the doctors prefer to place them on these SSRI medications. I’m not sure why a medication proven to cause suicidal tendencies is preferred for someone who is already depressed? I really don’t see why these school shooting/suicides are such a mystery to our elected officials and doctors – it proves that higher education does not always translate to brilliance. Of course, the same monster that drives the over-medication of our children is also behind the low-fat/high sugar craze – corporate profits. It’s for this reason that I don’t see this problem going away any time soon.

      Unfortunately, I believe that there are certain special interest groups who wait for tragic events like these and rush in to muck up the works by hogging the media to further their own agendas. This certainly makes it much harder to properly investigate and come up with useful conclusions.

  5. CCM
    December 22, 2012 | 1:11 pm

    Thinking about the challenge for working parents to feed their kids nutrient dense, brain-enriching foods. They could start with canned sardines, tuna, salmon, or smoked salmon all of which are a rich source of omega-3’s for the brain. Cheddar cheese, Gouda, raw cheeses are easy to do. I know some people have problem with gluten, but in my family we do well with crackers that are made with butter, coconut or palm oil (diligently avoiding package foods containing soy, corn, canola, safflower, sunflower, grapeseed oils). Eggs from pastured hens contain vitamin D, and omega-3’s – an easy food to prepare. Blend the raw yolks with full-fat, live-cultured, unflavored yogurt and then sweeten with honey or maple syrup, maybe some fruit. Hot dogs, sausage or bacon from pastured animals are also a healthy food. Bread eaten with raw butter, or organic butter especially from grassfed dairy is healthy. Frozen veggies slathered with butter (conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin A&D if raw, omega 3) also an easy option. Actually, since starting my family on our Real Food Journey – including lots of raw milk – I’m amazed at how easy food prep has become. And the healing that comes with this diet is a miracle.

  6. Atticus
    December 26, 2012 | 8:02 pm

    Great article, I forwarded it to my mother who is a long-time member of the “mental health professional” community.

    I also sent a check to Newton Youth and Family Services the other day, now I’m not so sure it was a good idea.

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