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Every one should watch this video.  Allan Savory shows how to stop desertification using the ways of nature – by increasing livestock and moving them the way predators used to.  By mimicking this natural cycle he has created lush pastures and forests from deserts.

The best side effect is that it creates enough meat to feed the world (Vegans won’t enjoy that part, but I don’t give a shit, because their massive mono-cropping of grain is part of the desertification process of our lands.  Mono-cropping destroys the land and the wild life that lived on it, so vegans are killing animals by the tens of thousands each day – it’s just not animals they care about. like snakes, turtles and insects – many are endangered species)

Savory’s way works, I know that for sure.  When I first bought my farm, about ten acres had been desertified by years of orange groves.  I live in Florida where the soil is mostly sugar sand and refuses to hold water.  After two years of having cattle grazing and moving the herd from one field to another, that land is now one of the most lush pasture land in the county.  When I had the property appraised, the county rated my field as a meadow (A difficult rating to get), but that’s how beautiful it is – and it was all done by cattle – I did nothing but move them.

Livestock add carbon to the soil by tampering their manure into the soil.  This creates a barrier which allows the soil to hold water and the urine and manure adds nitrogen and many other minerals and nutrients.  Since the cattle improved the land, many other species of animals have made my pasture their home, gopher tortoise, indigo snakes and 400 other species which use the holes the gopher tortoise abandon.  That’s natures way!

Savory’s plan would end starvation and turn every desert into a lush grassland, virtulally ending many wars over richer and more productive lands.  But people will not listen, because assholes, like vegans, like to scream that cattle are ruining the atmosphere with their farts and would fight any attempt to increase their numbers – even though they are all city dwellers and know nothing about nature or science.

I advise you to watch this wonderful speech by a very knowledgeable and passionate scientist.  He receives a well deserved standing ovation at the end.  It’s well worth your time and his conclusion may be man’s only hope for the future.  I hope we can spread his message.

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I would like to thank all those who have been writing me with concern for my health,  It  meant a lot to me and I was overwhelmed at the amount of readers that I have and surprised at the amount of people who have really missed me writing new articles.   I did have a rough time the last few months for several reasons which I will explain in an up coming article.  I have been answering comments the entire time, so those reading comments knew I was still alive.   I will begin writing again.  I am doing much better now.  Thanks again.

On the other side, I have been saddened and tore apart by the comments and emails I have received from those that lost loved ones needlessly to colonoscopies and also from those who have lost their intestines and are dying on TPN and are in need of a transplant.  I have been able to put some of those people in touch with my surgeon and hopefully they will get a transplant soon.  This is one of the hard parts of what I do, because I know what it is like to lie in a hospital bed hooked up to a pump pushing TPN directly into your heart – doctors telling you every day you will die within months.  

TPN feeds everything, because it is high in sugar, amino acids vitamins and minerals, so fungus and bacteria thrive on it.  I suffered two line infections (very common) that went systemic while on TPN and nearly died twice as a result.  Both times I went into septic shock with fevers above 105.5 degrees F and my blood pressure dropped below 44/28.   I had no intestines at that time and TPN was the only thing keeping me alive.

Some people who have written are suffering the same thing, so it is urgent that they get a transplant.  I am doing all I can to assist these unfortunate people, but this is all very emotionally taxing, especially given the fact the many people in the same group as me at Jackson Memorial Hospital and got transplant at the same time, have recently died.  We had all become very close during our recovery, but I will write more about this in an up coming article.

I have missed writing for you and can’t wait to get back to it.  I have been very encouraged by all the letters and comments I have received.  Sorry I have been away so long and many of you were frightened that maybe I was very sick or possibly died.  Not yet!  I am doing very well –  I am Wolverine!  I bounce back from any injury. (It was nurses and doctors who gave me that name, they say I heal twice as fast as a normal person)  

I have survived 4 bouts of septic shock, over 20 feet of necrotic bowels in me for three days, an intestinal transplant,  followed by the worst septic shock, which put me in a coma for 2 weeks while simultaneously having a collapsed lung (punctured during intubation) and most recently, cancer (Multiple Myeloma, which is in total remission now).  I will write more about this in an upcoming article.  You can see that I have a lot to write about.

Love you all and can’t wait to get writing again.  Thanks again for the wonderful letters of encouragement.







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