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  1. Paulo Bastos
    January 25, 2016 | 3:35 pm

    Hi Wolverine! I study the evolution of the digestive system. Could you please tell me where do you find this picture? What’s the reference of this post? Thank you, that will be very important to my work!

    • Wolverine
      February 6, 2016 | 1:01 am

      Hi Paulo. I do not remember where I got all the information for that article since it was written and researched so many years ago. I know that the graphic there was made by me, but I do not remember where I got the statistics from. I believe that it was at Dr. Micheal Eades website, Protein Power:

      He had written a similar article which I based it on. I thought that I had provided links to all of my sources, as I usually do. If I got that from Dr. Eades’ site, I may not have because it was buried in an article which I couldn’t provide a direct link to. I’m pretty sure that is where I got that information, so you may be able to find it by doing a search at his site. The article I would have based that information on would have been an article published several years before mine, so it could be near impossible to find. I believe that I had also used an article from Barry Groves’s website, Second Opinions:

      Since Barry Grove passed away several years ago, I don’t know if anyone maintains that website or not, but you could search there. He has a lot of good information. Sorry I couldn’t be a lot more help, but that was one of the first articles I had published on this website, so that was quite a while ago. Thanks for commenting.

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