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Is Air linked To Heart Disease?

The most deceptive term in science and the media today is the usage of the phrase “linked”, as in claiming that a particular food product is “linked” with a certain disease.  Most people are left to assume that this association proves the causation of the illness.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  To pronounce…


The Magical Land Of Oz!

Mehmet Oz once said that butter is solid at room temperature, so it solidifies in your arteries.  That’s funny, because butter melts to liquid in my hands.  He is also the genius doctor who wrote in Time magazine that a low carb diet causes ketoacidosis.  There is a big difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis, maybe…


That’s Your Plate Michelle, Not Mine!

The U.S. government has again taken its self-appointed role of telling americans what to eat seriously by investing more of our tax dollars on their newest guideline.  Thousands of rats bravely gave their lives in manipulated research, that only government sponsorship could conjure up, in order to bring you the MyPlate. In another attempt to…